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    New travel team /501c(3) status or not

    This is why you need an attorney. Not to pick on The Man In Blue, but so many people know things that aren't so. For example, a corporation is a completely different animal than an LLC (the 'C' in LLC does NOT stand for corporation). You can't have a corporation that is an LLC. That's not a...
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    Driving Home Traditions

    Not a "tradition" but a rule for us--we don't talk about softball in the car, whether it's a 15 minute drive home, or a 12 hour drive.
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    My daughter is dreading high school ball approaching

    My oldest plays travel so that she can play school ball. School ball is always the priority. We had a D1 coach at one of our scrimmages last spring, and I often see coaches from all levels at our postseason game sites. And she has had multiple college coaches ask her for HS schedule this...
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    Do I even try to teach pitching?

    This, this, this! I have 2 pitchers. If I could go back, this is exactly what we would do from the beginning. No wind-ups, no catcher, no plate, no rubber, nothing. Just throw underhand. I can't emphasize this enough. Just throw underhand. Don't pitch. Just throw.
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    Tell me about the myths of softball recruiting

    I certainly didn't expect it to work that way, but is the one offer we've received to date. But, like you said, it could be just one coach and just one kid. It just happens to be us.
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    General advice for softball parents of talented players

    This is just a statement of facts. There is zero advice here. Change the title to "Softball Truths."
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    Tell me about the myths of softball recruiting

    From our recent experience, even if you email the coach your schedule every week and you attend every camp offered by the school, even though you are more than 4 hours away, the coach will not invite you to campus for a visit even if they really want you to go to their school. You have to...
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    How Many emails to send to a College Coach?

    My daughter's coach does this, and it definitely makes an impact. It's almost always mentioned, and the travel coach almost always gets an email back with comments after the camp. Now it may matter who the travel coach is and if the travel coach is known to the college coach. In our case, our...
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    How do you interpret this note from a coach?

    Just got a 20% off coupon to buy one from the bookstore - which she did!
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    How do you interpret this note from a coach?

    Daughter went on a visit earlier this week. Was not given a hoodie.
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    JV or Varsity?

    In my kid's program if a kid went to the coach and said something like this, she wouldn't play at all for either team. Our coach is not a tyrant, but you wouldn't dare suggest to her which team you would prefer to play on any more than you would suggest where you play in the field or where you...
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    How do you interpret this note from a coach?

    She's been in communication and is trying to arrange an overnight visit. Question: does an "overnight" visit differ from a "regular" day visit in ways other than having dinner and sleeping in a dorm? Obviously parents aren't going to spend the night in the dorm, but would the schedule for an...
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    College playing opportunities...

    Definitely looking forward to this.
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    How do you interpret this note from a coach?

    I didn't realize how important hoodies were to the process! Seriously, though, this is great information that you shared. Much appreciated.
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    How do you interpret this note from a coach?

    OK. She reached out. What happens on a "visit"?
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    How do you interpret this note from a coach?

    She's got another camp this weekend, then we will assess and she will reach out. Thanks for all the input/advice.
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    Opinions on where my daughter is in her recruitment right now?

    On reflection, most of the D3 commitments we have seen have occurred in the fall of senior year. Of people in our circle and schools that we are watching, we have only seen 1 junior commit to a D3 school.
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    How do you interpret this note from a coach?

    I get you. Make the phone call and say what? She wouldn't commit to that school at this point.

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