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    Glove Guardian (Buck Athletic and Lizard Skins)

    I purchased the double Glove Guardian from Buck Athletics a little over a year ago and it has been fantastic. Crush proof, great for storage and keeping out of the elements, and much better than just throwing it in your bat bag. Comes with two balls that velcro to the inside, which can be...
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    A New Glove Showed Up

    I've been wanting to add a Gold Series to my collection and wasn't sure how I felt about Mocha, but a good deal caused me to buy it....at least that's what I tell my wife. Very happy with it, and the Mocha color is beautiful. Love the construction, the leather is amazing, palm feels buttery...
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    Mizuno Pro Limited Edition Glove

    I have to say, it's definitely a beautiful glove! Craftsmanship is top notch, materials just as impressive, and the presentation is one of a kind. Plus it has the one time Recondtioning Program where you can send it in once in its lifetime and they repair, recondition, and bring the glove back...
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    A Few Glove Additions

    The guy clearly didn't know what he had. Scored a Limited Edition Crenshaw Edition Vinci Custom. Pretty sure theres only a few floating around, so I am feeling pretty lucky with this score. In all seriousness, hats off to Annasdad for the help on choosing a glove for my daughter. She is in...
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    10yo DD Swing Help

    Sometimes it's best to take a step back and get input from others to ensure we are heading down the right path. Here is the video of her swing off the tee https://youtu.be/XjorZ7WAOoY There a few things that really stick out to me, but just wanting hear from others because maybe I am looking...

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