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    Glove Guardian (Buck Athletic and Lizard Skins)

    Haaa! Please, there are no exotics in this collection. Actually the Lizard Skinz case just showed up today and was surprised that it's just a rebadged Buck case. The ball inserts are the exact molds with the exact logo, so guessing Buck was just bought out. Now my wife cant complain about...
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    Glove Guardian (Buck Athletic and Lizard Skins)

    I purchased the double Glove Guardian from Buck Athletics a little over a year ago and it has been fantastic. Crush proof, great for storage and keeping out of the elements, and much better than just throwing it in your bat bag. Comes with two balls that velcro to the inside, which can be...
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    A New Glove Showed Up

    Last week. Was 25% off, no minimum. They advertised it good through the 30th but took it off the website on the 29th. I emailed them to ask them about it and they responded saying it was good through the 31st and to give them a call, so I did.
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    A New Glove Showed Up

    Believe it or not, Eastbay has been my go to this past year. They had the 11.5 inch marked $100 off, and then had a 25% off sale on top of that. So for $200 off, I said "I do".
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    A New Glove Showed Up

    I've been wanting to add a Gold Series to my collection and wasn't sure how I felt about Mocha, but a good deal caused me to buy it....at least that's what I tell my wife. Very happy with it, and the Mocha color is beautiful. Love the construction, the leather is amazing, palm feels buttery...
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    DD's new glove

    My daughter has one and likes it, although it runs smaller than advertised. Constructed well, and at $100, its a no brainer
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    Bat recommendation for 11 year old

    It's all depends on the kid. My daughter just turned 13, is a competitive swimmer with strong upper body strength, 5'6, 130 lbs, swings a 33/23 Ghost. I have a bat buying problem and have probably owned just about everything out there before finding out that the Ghost was her personal...
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    There are so many deals on bats right now that I think you could do better, but its whatever your daughter likes to swing.
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    Leather Softball

    The Dudley Thunder Heat ASA balls have held up well for me
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    Just wanted to say goodbye and thank you guys for everything!

    Wait, what? Wow, you will truly be missed. Best of luck to Anna, Ill have to stalk your social media to get updates on her games. My daughter is still rocking the special Crenshaw Edition Vinci and was just asking last weekend when we were going to catch one of her games. Best of luck in...
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    Wilson Glove Day

    In all seriousness, I just prefer the weight. Nothing wrong with the Super Skin, I just like a nice smooth leather shell and the weight that comes with it. An easy fix, but I wish Wilson would use 1/4" lacing for the web and finger lacing. That may be something I change out .
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    Wilson Glove Day

    I think you meant Glove Slob, when compared to your collection (y)
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    Wilson Glove Day

    She will likely start playing catch with it this weekend at some point. We have Sectionals on Saturday so she will finish out this season with her Vinci, but we will get some time Sunday to start breaking in the new one for travel ball. At first glance it looks good. Didn't know how I would...
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    Wilson Glove Day

    Found this on sale the other day under $170 and jumped on it for my daughter. Wilson had it slightly cheaper ($10) on sale day but I had already ordered. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Horween Nolan Arenado release!

    She just turned 13. Size 11 shoe, and long hands, so guys shoes and gloves actually work well for her. Really wish we had better places to check out gloves and actually have her handle them. DSG has a good collection of consumer higher end gloves, but mostly on the baseball side and in...
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    Horween Nolan Arenado release!

    This would be for short and third. Still likes the Vinci but wants to use that for the occasional outfield. The one complaint about the Vinci is that it broke in a little flatter than I had hoped (again, my preference, not necessarily hers). That Vinci still holds its shape really well and...
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    Horween Nolan Arenado release!

    I'm an I-web guy but looking to pick up another glove for my daughter and she seems to like the H-Web. This might be something to look into
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    Dual Core HOH Floppy-- solutions?

    I picked up a Liberty for my daughter a couple years back, but it only lasted us one season before getting floppy. Was broken in by nothing more than playing catch, no glove oil, microwave, steaming, etc. Just seemed to lose form much quicker than any other glove we've used in the past. Maybe...
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    Mizuno Pro Limited Edition Ichiro Web 12.75

    She's a beauty! Cant wait to hear how it breaks in

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