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    POP and throw?

    Seems like a lot of college catchers are popping and throwing rather than planting their throwing side foot and striding towards their target. I guess I could see an argument that popping would get both feet on the ground quicker...but seems to me that planting quickly and striding towards the...
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    Situational Hitting - mental cues?

    Was looking through this Kent St video from a few years ago about indoor practice stuff. There is a section of front toss I found very interesting. The coach is calling out a situation and immediately pitching. "runner on first, no outs"... "2nd and 3rd, less than 2 outs" Expecting the...
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    Can we improve teaching mechanics at younger ages to reduce/prevent DBSF?

    I spend a lot of time with younger hitters trying to correct DBSF and often DBSU (I may have made that up)...dropping the hands and dragging the bat through the zone flat or coming up. I see this as a side effect of slow pitching, the batters desire to get moving, an effort to get the bat on...
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    Should an 18U program be structured differently?

    In our area there are fewer 18U teams, which makes sense. They are typically structured the same as the younger age groups. Some fall ball before the snow flies, indoor winter practices, and largely focus on tournaments in the summer after school season. I expect this would be hard to manage...