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  1. sydnishel

    WTS Demarini CF Zen 31/20

    Asking $100
  2. sydnishel

    WTS Mizuno F20 Power Carbon 31/21

    Asking $100 Used for tee work and a little front toss
  3. sydnishel

    Wtb cf9 30/19

    I'm looking for a cf9 30/19. Needs to be good condition. No cracks. Let me know if you have one or know where I can find one. Thanks
  4. sydnishel

    10u girls using The Ghost

    Looking for some performance reviews on younger girls using the ghost. Specifically looking at the 30 -10 for my 10u dd. She is on her 4th demarini in 6 months. She has cracked her last 3. My 13 yr old dd loves her ghost. But not sure on the younger one being able get the same performance.
  5. sydnishel

    9yr old catchers gear

    Looking to upgrade my 9 yr old daughters gear. What are some recommendations for a good quality set? She's not the biggest kid so the intermediate sizes are too big. Thanks