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  1. mkral

    Quick Poll

    OK I have a difference of opinion with a HS coach. Can those of you who have been around college softball or who have kids playing college softball please tell me what bat sizes they are swinging. These are non-slapper's these are power hitters. Thanks Mike
  2. mkral

    Stay Back

    OK guru's and I mean that with complete respect!! DD is having trouble getting out ahead of everything and letting her hands get out front. Going from TB to school ball has been a tough transition. Slower pitchers are really making the transition tough. Her coach just screams at her to hit...
  3. mkral

    Top Of The Ball

    As I read through the "Hands at finish" post I started laughing as SBFAMILY made a comment about swinging down, or someone did. I almost choked on my breakfast. I have worked hard with my DD's and several other girls in our community and for the most part what I have learned here and other...
  4. mkral


    Ok I don't know if I can explain this well enough or not but I have a legal questions for all of you. DD was practicing the other day and she asked me to look at something. She said "Can I do this?" What she was doing was kind of a submarine pitch but then following through with a full circle...
  5. mkral

    Cannonball & Pridefpsb17

    I see another tornado hit St. Louis last night. You guys are getting pounded and I hope you are OK!! Please let us know you are OK. Thanks Mike
  6. mkral

    Sportsmanship....is it gone?

    I have been coaching and been around this sport for a long time and I am in the belief that no matter what "Sportsmanship" is a must at all times for my teams. I also believe it starts at the top with the coaches and the parents. Well my DD played in a tourney this weekend and I saw one of the...
  7. mkral

    Weight Transfer

    What is the best way to work on weight transfer? We are at the point where the basics are pretty good but we are still lacking what I would like to see in terms of weight transfer. My one DD still keeps to much weight on her back leg. She actually rotates well buts does not transfer her...
  8. mkral

    Bat Drag

    What is the best cure or drill to cure bat drag?
  9. mkral

    Loaded Question

    When my DD misses and gets into a funk she misses low and in the dirt. No real rhyme or reason to it she can sometimes come right out of the box throwing "dirt balls". She has trouble fixing it when she gets into this. Has anyone seen this, or does someone have a fix for this other then just...
  10. mkral

    Freak Accident & A Basket Case DD

    DD playing SS and her best friend playing 1st base. Usually the other way around but the coach switched them up for some reason on this night. DD fielded a ball and threw a laser to first. First baseman catches the ball for the out and runs for the dugout. Upon arriving at the dugout she...
  11. mkral

    Base Running Secrets

    What are your best base running tricks or secrets? I know if you tell me they wont be secret anymore but I live in Iowa so you are all safe.:cool:
  12. mkral

    Finally Back, I hope!!!

    After a month of not being able to do much of anything with a thigh injury my DD Chelsea is finally playing again. We had a tough Saturday dropping both games and going into the lower bracket for Sunday. We won our first game on Sunday jumping us back into the Championship bracket for the time...
  13. mkral

    Got one taken away today!!

    Tough day! We lost our first 3-2 in the last inning. And had the second taken away from us in a way I have never had before in all my years coaching. We were tied 2-2 after first. Rain on and off all day, horrible playing conditions. Rained on our top half of second. We were home team. My...
  14. mkral

    11 Year Old Critique Please

    OK guys here is my 11 year old DD. This is from a tourney over the weekend. Let me know your thoughts please. I see some bat drag and not enough hip and torso yet but that is just my opinion, so please let me know what you guys see. She did go 6 for 8 on the day. She had 1 home run (one...
  15. mkral

    Hitting Spots

    Can some of you give me some of your more productive drills for hitting spots. We have been pretty good but now all of a sudden we are struggling for some reason. It appears mechanics are still solid but DD is not hitting spots like she was. I was just wanting to see what others do with...
  16. mkral

    Live Pitching

    OK we finally get to be outside so we finally got the girls in front of live pitchers. Well it did not go as planned to say the least. Most of their swings look pretty good only a few reverted back to old habits but I was expecting some of that just due to not enough muscle memory time yet...
  17. mkral

    Deltoid / Rear Hip Iso Drill Revisited

    Ok I understand what you guys are doing. I have tried to use it with my girls. Some get it and some don't. I wish I would have video taped it but I did not. My question I guess is more towards FFS's deltiod drill but anyone who has been instructing sure can weigh in. In your Deltoid drill...
  18. mkral

    Tubo Slot Gloves Good or Bad?

    Just want some of the esteemed folks on here's opinion on the Turbo Slot Gloves. Are they good or not? Also for proper use is the bat placed above the pad tight to the index finger? Thanks gang!! Mike
  19. mkral

    More Help Please

    My DD Chelsea just turned 13 and she has been working on getting off of her toes on her stride foot. She was landing on her toes and using them as a cushion not using good resistance. She is getting better but now I am noticing that she is pushing off to the side. I try to get her to focus on...
  20. mkral


    Does anyone know these guys? I have ordered one of their Spin Tight Trainers and have not received it and I cannot get a hold of them. The number on their site is their fax number. I have emailed them with no response either.:mad: I was wondering if someone can shed a little light on if there...

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