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    Driving Home Traditions

    Sometimes we stop for ice cream. Not every time, but if she wins. Ice cream is for winners. So really, it's up to her if we stop for ice cream. #motivate #beawinner
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    Catcher backing up 1st on plays to the right side?

    We play together a lot. She's actually grounded from video games now. She got mad at me over the weekend because I played and told her she couldn't. I told her I'm not the one that's grounded because you didn't turn your homework in.
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    Catcher backing up 1st on plays to the right side?

    Her childless uncle bought it for her.
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    I got mine off ebay. I suppose there is some risk with that, but mine works great, and I save some $$$. But I did make sure to tell DDs coach to not mention how much they cost around DW. She guessed at how much it was. She guessed way low, and I just looked at her. She then flipped out...
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    24 Strikeouts & WON - IT TAKES A TEAM

    Ima guess LBS had a pretty good pitching performance that day as well.
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    Catcher backing up 1st on plays to the right side?

    I like that guys breakdowns. Last year when my daughter was moved to 3rd, she played the position very timidly. I had her read the following he wrote about looking for in a 3rd baseman between pool games at a tournament, and she started to play much more aggressively. 3rd Base - 12U...
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    Catcher backing up 1st on plays to the right side?

    At 10U? Only if your catcher is a little A-hole.
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    NCAA Player ejected for (perhaps) making line in dirt

    I watched that fully expecting to take the umps side. Unless something pretty bad was said, that was an overreaction by the ump. IMO, of course. And every time I give one about officiating I’m usually proven wrong on here.
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    I freaking hate pitching

    My DDs friend (different team as her) was 1st year 12U last year. She was probably 4'8", 70lbs, pitching 36-38mph. We went to her game and watched her pitch. She did great. Hitting spots and changing speeds. We watched her pitch a complete game, frustrating hitters it whole time. Gave up 3...
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    Riseball trajectories

    The whole thing was the dropball part. :LOL:
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    What's the worst thing you had to give up/pass on for softball?

    This is me, except golfing, not fishing. Only golfed last year for work events.
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    No power in swing, help! 12U

    We played a team last year with a pitcher that that threw 28 mph change off a 33 mph FB. Dinker after dinker to the pitcher and left side of the infield. Got beat bad. Played them at the next tourney in pool play, and we got their #1. She was throwing 44-45 with a 38mph change. We hit...
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    pop time

    This is the exact reason I ended up as an AC on my daughters first rec teams. No other dad could toss BP underhand. I asked the 6'4" HC why he was tossing BP overhand to our team (mostly around 4'0" girls), and he said, Hey man, if you can do it, by all means...
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    What's the worst thing you had to give up/pass on for softball?

    My wife went back to school and got another degree. Myself and DD missed her walking across the stage. My wife missed a 16 hr day at the fields with DD playing seven games with a couple of special moments and great comebacks. No ragrets
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    No power in swing, help! 12U

    That second one looks like the ball stopped the bat. I'm thinking a girl that size should be swinging at least a 31 -10. 32 -11 or 32-10 would be in the ball park as well. Is it a high end bat? My DD went from the $30 aluminum Easton they sell at target, to a premium bat and the difference...
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    8U vs 10U

    I was assuming 10U TB as well. 10U rec can be quite a crap shoot. Our 10U rec league has a coach come in to finish the count if a batter earns a walk, so they do get a little action. In 10U, even at C, we rarely had a game without seeing serviceable pitching.
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    8U vs 10U

    I disagree about the getting better in games statement. The skills come in practice, but they get better at the game, by playing the game. 8U is glorified practice. An example I can think of regarding getting better in games vs practice, last year my DD played rec basketball. In the half...
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    8U vs 10U

    In my opinion, if the girls can make basic plays, and more importantly, you have a pitcher or two, go ahead and move up. My daughter joined a team that was mostly playing up. At the end of the season they ran into a team that used to smoke them in 8U, and was playing up in their first tourney...
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    Travel woes: Large SUV or conversion van

    Pretty sure that's how Home Alone 4 will start.
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    Building a pitcher

    The coach at a high school here was having the same problem. The districts on either side had a wealth of FP talent with girls that played TB. His district, not so much. The entire district had only two players with TB experience. His answer was to start his own club, focusing on recruiting...

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