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    College playing opportunities...

    Amazing how that works.
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    DD might play again after sitting out last year

    She's going to play! The new coach had a meeting/field clean up session this morning. There were only about five players and some parents. We spent a couple hours working on the field and cleaning out the equipment room, and then she had a meeting at the end. She seems nice, although still...
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    Pitcher/Scoring Questions

    Our baseball league does that. They also don't allow a pitcher to pitch again after they are removed, whereas our softball league allows free substitution of pitchers.
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    Pitcher/Scoring Questions

    Depends on the league rules. Our pitching limit is 9 outs in a game, not 3 innings. So if there's 1 out when the run limit is reached, it counts as 1 out, not 1 inning.
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    Select players playing rec ball – does your league ban it?

    Yes, it is a problem. There aren't any leagues around her, softball or baseball, where they draft players and try to create even teams. There is some random distributing of players at 8U since a lot of players haven't connected with teams/coaches yet. But then teams start becoming established...
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    Select players playing rec ball – does your league ban it?

    Our rec leagues have no restrictions, but the problem is we get complete travel teams joining. So there ends up being a huge competitive imbalance in the leagues - we get a couple of travel teams, some good rec teams, and some inexperienced rec teams.
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    DD might play again after sitting out last year

    Thank you everyone for the replies and encouragment. To respond to a few points: I'm not sure, but I don't think it's very strict (Colorado). The old coach would have a week-long "camp", a couple weeks before practice started. I completely agree that she needs to have the meeting, and...
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    DD might play again after sitting out last year

    My DD is going to be a junior this year. She played JV her freshman year and then on the HC's spring/summer team. She decided not to play last fall because the HC was an a-hole, and I didn't blame her at all. HC stepped down after last fall and they finally hired a new coach this summer, so DD...
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    Interesting article: Senior week or State playoffs?

    I'm thinking senior week isn't an official school activity where they have the ability to schedule it later so it doesn't conflict with sports. My first thought was they should have stayed and played, but as you said, maybe they already spent a lot of money on the trip. And maybe everyone...
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    question for coaches

    It's rec, you should be moving players around like others have said. The last year I coached baseball, we had a kid who was a great catcher. The year before, his coach had him catching almost the entire time, except when he was pitching. He enjoyed catching but wanted to play other positions. We...
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    10u practices

    I coached a 10U rec team last year. We'd do a 10 minute warmup, then 20 minutes of throwing. Then we'd break into stations and work on fielding and hitting. Sometimes I'd work one-on-one with pitchers or catchers (almost all of our pitchers had coaches). We'd do some baserunning once a week...
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    Travel Ball is Killing Rec Ball

    That's my daughter, except she never wanted to play travel ball. She played her freshman year in HS, then didn't play this year because the coach was an a-hole. He stepped down so she might play this fall, but they haven't hired a new coach yet.
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    HS Career is over

    This is my big peeve - coaches who don't give kids a chance. How do you know how good a player is if you don't give her an opportunity to show it (even in practice)?
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    DDs see no honor in being called up to varsity, and riding the bench-hear me out.

    I think the fundamental disagreement in this thread is that some people don't believe that bad coaches actually exist, while others have experienced them first-hand. Sometimes coaches are unfair, play favorites, pick on kids, or whatever else, and it's not just parents refusing to think their...
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    What is the goal of HS varsity softball?

    Obviously it depends on the school and the coach. But in general, IMO it should be to try to win as many games as possible.
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    Pulling girls out on defense during the inning

    I have coached both and I have seen plenty of boys cry in the dugout. I'm sure I've seen more girls cry than boys, but boys get emotional. All kids have difference in their psychological makeup and you need to try to figure it out regardless of gender. As for the OP, you need to be very clear...
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    Travel Ball is Killing Rec Ball

    The effect builds on itself. Some of the better players leave rec, so the good players who are left don't have as much competition/support. So more good players leave to get better competition. So there are very few good players left in the rec league. Our rec leagues are a mix. The fall league...
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    How to change posts per page

    In the old software, there was a setting where you could change the number of posts per page. I can't find it in the new software - is it still there somewhere? Thanks.
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    Commitment issues/overextended kids

    I agree with pretty much everything you guys said. The extension of sport seasons, the rise of travel/comp teams, and the pressure to play year-round has been a negative change to youth sports. It makes it really hard for kids to play multiple sports. It's hurt rec leagues by drawing players...