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  1. SBallCoachD

    Pitching instructor won’t allow dd coach to attend lesson

    I kind of get the whole IP thing...not that I agree with it all...this person didn't invent pitching for gosh sakes. I am the HC for my DD's academy travel ball team. And she's a pitcher. And she goes to someone else for pitching instruction. I catch her at most lessons but my job is to sit on...
  2. SBallCoachD

    "Bully" coach or are we over reacting.

    In my mind this is the textbook definition of a transactional coach vs. transformational coach. The transactional coach is in it for them - what are the players going to do for them, perform for them, deliver for them. They're outcome oriented. The transformational coach is in it for the...
  3. SBallCoachD

    Advanced Fastpitch Academy in Overland Park, KS - 12U and 14U B/A Tryouts, July 22

    Advanced Fastpitch Academy is looking for athletic and motivated B level players looking to train and develop the necessary skills to play A level ball for our 12U and 14U teams. We are looking for any position - all-around athletes primarily - as girls will learn the necessary skills and have...