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    Yankees hire female hitting instructor

    https://www.foxnews.com/sports/yankees-female-hitting-instructor-report Interesting to see how it goes...she did lots of work in the minors, was a former softball player and got degrees inkinesiology, sports administration, and biomechanics. Anyone ever heard about her before?
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    Demarini's gathering dust

    Well it is 100% official now that HS season is started DD is hanging up the cleats and started cleaning out her room. She never played travel ball just rec and JV so these are not too badly used. CF-5 31 drop 11 $100 + shipping used two rec seasons and one JV season CF-7 32 drop 10 $150 +...
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    FSU player pulled for error?

    Not sure I saw it right but it looked like the FSU right fielder got pulled after making an error that turned a single to a three base error, giving Auburn a runner at third with no outs and handing them the game. Again just seems really odd to pull a senior player in game that has made one...
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    Jessica's last ab

    Jessica's Final ab Well according to my DD, Jessica, her softball career is over. She is only a junior playing on JV and was actually asked to join the varsity team for playoffs (they usually invite two or three players from JV to play up) she said no which about made me either cry or scream...
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    and the Award for the WORST parent of the year goes to....

    ME :( So I am right where I am supposed to be just past the left field fence (not actually a fence a row of cars) in the car with wife so a 260 ft bomb would crush my windshield but it's JV and the wind is blowing in I'm confident best seat in the house all is good. We have the windows rolled...
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    3 Keys to Hitting (from a pretty good hitters perspective)

    High Hands Short Swing Stay Balanced
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    One step closer to Olympics

    It will still be a wait but at least maybe there may be light at the end of the tunnel. Tokyo recommends 5 additional sports for 2020 Olympics
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    LL changing age reuqirement

    I saw this Little League to phase out 13-year-olds beginning in 2018. Anybody know if they are going to use this for softball too? Guess they got really tired of those 5ft 10in 160lbs kids with facial hair playing with 5ft 2in 95lbs kids on a 60ft bases and 220ft fences. It will help a little...
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    Contacting College Coach?

    So to set things up a little my DD as been playing ball for about 5-6 yrs. She is turning 16 this month. She has never played travel only rec, school and some fall ball. I don't have rose colored glasses. She is a good ballplayer but not great. She really wants to stand out but does not put...
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    Revolution Softball Camps?

    Anybody ever went to one of these. Thinking of sending my DD to one in CT at the end of July any reports...good or bad. Thanks
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    I have a great DD

    So I am always telling DD to strive to be better, do more, work harder, etc... I see the opportunities in front of her and just want her to do her best which not matter what she says I always assume is more. She played JV this year for a variety of reasons and in the end it was probably the...
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    I Missed it!!!

    DD plays HS JV she has been doing OK sometimes great/good other times not so much. I have been to EVERY game, Wednesday the game starts a 4 and it is an hour and a half away, I tell her it's just too far and I can't get off work THAT early. So of course you know what is coming next...she has...
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    Batting out of Order?

    I am trying to remember but am not sure I have it exactly right: Batter #4 in line up bats in #3 spot then batter #3 proceeds to bat in #4 spot. #3 gets on then #5 comes up after a couple pitches the other coach appeals and umpire calls BR #3 who is now on 3B out. I am almost positive that...
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    1st Brag Thread

    Background: DD has played rec for 5 years, fairly competitive when we where in TX not so much now that we are in CT. She is a good ballplayer and takes the game seriously on the field but would rather do other things than dedicate 100% to softball (which I am completely OK with). This year...
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    Swing Critique/Help 15 YO DD

    Really need some help DD has been doing better taking a few hints from me but wants to hear advice from someone besides Dad. She has played Rec for 4 years but really wants to improve enough to make her HS JV team..tryouts next month.