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    My DD feels bad for a girl on her college team

    I think she should just keep being encouraging and friendly and just let things play out....sounds like she needs somework in the outfield and could stand a little more pop in her bat. Hopefully she will just keep working at those things and get better then who knows next year she might be in...
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    My DD feels bad for a girl on her college team

    If she can really hit well from the right side then I think she just needs to keep encouraging her. As a coach it can be easy to pigeon hole someone but if she keeps at it she should be able to turn them around. Biggest thing is the girl needs reps in practice, even if she isn't hitting bombs...
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    I/R in the Classroom

    @Gags I'm with you....two guys talking past each other....I think the only issue is Mr Feld describes something a certain way when taken literally doesn't actually happen like hip to hip, but if you were to just describe it that is a valid description even though not technically accurate. I...
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    What size softball for 8u?

    Make sure you check with your local league at 8U could still be using those softer, squishy balls, sometimes called Safe T I think, just depends on your local rules
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    Riseball trajectories

    Yeah you just have to look at all the variables it's why no matter how hard they try that girl in 10U throwing 35 mph releasing from barely 18 inches off the ground looks like she has more of an arc on the ball; physics dictates she has to.
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    Riseball trajectories

    Thing is every ball pitched (drop included) has to have an upward trajectory (launch angle in the paper) remember a ball is released just above the knee at 0 launch angle if the ball was going fast enough it would stay at that height but given speeds capable of being thrown and distance to the...
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    Heavy balls? Total control balls?

    I was AC on a team where coach used them...they worked great for before game warmups could just find an area off to side a girls could make full contact swings and the ball just goes a little ways plus you can front toss without net. We would line up and each take three girls one girl hits...
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    Interesting chart

    Just not sure exactly what its trying to depict. Angle of the swing or angle the ball comes off the bat; problem is unless you hit it 100% square these are not the same number...but I guess it shows in general you want an upward trajectory but thats not rocket science wondering how they...
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    No power in swing, help! 12U

    Have actually had this happen also it does seem pretty silly but girls just can't adjust and it's this age group too. Older girls 14/16U have the same issue with slow pitching but it usually only is good for one time through the lineup after that you better pull that slow meatball pitcher cause...
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    No power in swing, help! 12U

    The problem is you can't see what is happening with the OPs DD casue it's a gif from too far away through the fence. So as she has her front leg traveling forward before toe touch tell me exactly what she is doing with her rear hip, I can see the it does look like it is rotating but is it just...
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    No power in swing, help! 12U

    I'm not sure I'm 100% on board, granted the pre load makes it look different since we are used to seeing it together. BUT focus on what is happening as her front foot comes forward, look at the back hip area, you can kind of gauge off her uniform white stripe. As she loads or slides back you...
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    Abbott throwing gas at the Stand Beside Her Tour

    I think Monica, Jennie, Sarah a lot of the tall ladies all seem like they don't really have good drive but I think it is an optical illusion of some kind because of their height; kinda like watching a guy 6 ft dunk a basketball versus someone 7 ft dunk it just looks more explosive when the 6...
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    No power in swing, help! 12U

    If you stand looking at a batter the proper athletic position it is always knees inside the feet. In other words you don't want your back knee to be behind your back foot. Whether its golf, tennis or even just doing a proper front lunge you never really want your knees outside of or out over...
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    No power in swing, help! 12U

    Yeah that was kinda why I asked was just odd looking how the bat just seemed to decelerate at contact versus swing through. I think a 31 drop 10 should be fine at her size if it's decent quality. now if its a drop 12 or 13 that might explain things but might take her a while to get used to...
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    No power in swing, help! 12U

    Second swing looks much better...you said no power I can't imagine if she connected properly with that second swing that ball wouldn't go out of the infield. She does preload which imo is OK just a style thing, she looks OK toe touch doesn't seem to start swinging to soon, she is reaching back...
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    Building an indoor facility any suggestions

    I know you just want to help but keeping the lights on and dealing with little maintenance things, insurance etc. that come up are not free to you. unless money just isn't a factor for you? Also don't want people around thinking they have free reign of the place. I would think about...
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    No power in swing, help! 12U

    I'm not sure her swing is the issue as much as the timing as others have stated (definetly room for improvement but don't reallywant to make judgements based on this pitch). From what I can see I'm OK with load and toe touch position although bat does seem to wrap a little. This can be typical...
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    8U vs 10U

    You said the whole team moved up except for your DD and maybe one or two other....you said she was one of the better players on the team. IF you really like the team, coaching, parents and its a good situation team wise I would say just follow the team as long as you think she would probably...
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    Nice one...keep up the good work
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    Riseball trajectories

    This ground has really been plowed through on the board (this paper too I think) and you are never going to get people to agree and honestly I'm not even sure there is a "right" answer. The thing I think people really don't look at enough is launch angle this really dictates what happens at the...

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