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    DD might play again after sitting out last year

    My DD is going to be a junior this year. She played JV her freshman year and then on the HC's spring/summer team. She decided not to play last fall because the HC was an a-hole, and I didn't blame her at all. HC stepped down after last fall and they finally hired a new coach this summer, so DD...
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    How to change posts per page

    In the old software, there was a setting where you could change the number of posts per page. I can't find it in the new software - is it still there somewhere? Thanks.
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    Almost an all-time great moment

    We almost had an all-time great softball moment yesterday, missed it by a few inches. We're a 10U rec team and were playing the best team in the league, who have no business being in the rec division. One of their coaches told me they are also playing in the comp division and are undefeated...
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    Worst call ever

    This occurred in our game the other day (10U rec). There was only the plate ump, no field ump. We had runners on first and second, the batter hit a ground that went through to left. The LF threw to the thirdbaseman, the ball beat the runner for an apparent forceout and the ump called the runner...
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    Was this a reasonable request

    I'm coaching a 10U rec team. That it's 10U rec is key to the issue. One of our players hurt her throwing wrist Rollerblade the day before a game last week. After getter he checked out, her dad said she was cleared to throw and pitch but could not swing a bad.The obvious solution to me was to see...
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    On deck hitter on the field

    This happened in our 10U rec game, using NFSHSA rules with some modifications, but none of the modifications address this. We were in the field, there some runners on base, and their batter hit a grounder that got through to the outfield. The usual rec chaos ensued, and while a runner was coming...
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    Suggestions for how to overcome fear of the ball

    I'm coaching a 10U rec team and need some tips on how to teach catching the ball, and especially overcoming the fear of the ball. A lot of the girls have the habit of stepping to the side and reaching out for it because they are afraid of getting hit. I'm stumped on how to get them to stay in...
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    DD might have played her last game

    DD possibly player her last game yesterday after a six year run thanks to a bad coach. She was a freshman last year and played on the JV team last fall. It was the first time they had enough players for JV in several years, so she didn't have to deal with the HC much. She played on the summer...
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    Best way to set up a rubber in the garage

    Winter has finally come so we've had to move practice into the garage. What is the best way to set up a rubber? Just putting one on the floor seems like it would slide around and be unstable. Any recommendations?
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    Appeal on runner leaving early

    This occurred in a HS game today. Bases loaded no outs, popup to short center. The second baseman made a diving catch (infield fly was not called). The runner on third was tagging but left early. The second baseman threw it to third, and the third baseman tagged the base. The runner was not...
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    Unannounced substitution

    This happened in a JV game today. I don't know which specific ruleset they use. The other team put a new rightfielder in to start the inning and did not announce it. The second batter hit a blooper to rightcenter and tried to stretch it into a double. The RF fielded it and threw the...
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    Frustration with lack of JV games

    DD is a freshman and is on the JV team. They only had 8 games scheduled to begin with, they played the first one three weeks ago. The second on was scheduled for last Monday in a varsity-JV DH, and the other team's coach said their JV team "wasn't ready" to play, so they didn't get to play. (My...
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    Pitching cleats

    I've been looking for new cleats for DD and I saw Ringor has pitching cleats. What is the difference between those and regular cleats?
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    Obstruction question

    In a recent game, we had a batter rip one to RF. as she was rounding first, she had contact with the firstbaseman. She came all the way around and was thrown out at the plate. The umps did not call obstruction (and according to our firstbase coach, that was the correct call - the firstbaseman...
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    Should tell a dad his DD doesn't want to pitch?

    I'm an AC on DD's team (this is 12U rec). There's a girl on our team who is new this season. She was telling my daughter at practice today that she doesn't want to pitch, but her dad is paying for pitching lessons, so she's afraid to tell him. I don't know the dad very well at all - I've talked...
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    Suprising toughness from DD

    We had our first game of the season tonight. DD was the starting pitcher. The third batter drilled one off her shin. I thought for sure she was done for the day, but she walked it off and pitched three innings. She struck out 4 and walked a few too many. She also had a good day at the plate...
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    Do the hands need to come together?

    We had our first game tonight and I'm not sure if one of our pitchers was throwing illegal pitches. She would step onto the rubber and pitch without bringing her hands together at all. My understanding is that you have to bring the hands together at some point after you step on the rubber before...
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    Totally classless sandbagging

    Two years ago, DD was cut by her previous rec team because the coaches decided to play comp/TB so they dropped DD and some other of the lesser players. She's been on her current team (now second year 12U) since then. In the spring, we (I'm an AC so I can say we) play in a Babe Ruth league. Most...
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    New bag for Powernet

    I got a powernet last fall and the net itself is great, but the bag is falling apart. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good replacement?
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    East coast vs west coast style?

    DD started with a new PC about a month ago, and PC was talking about how there's an east coast style and a west coast style, and she's from the east coast but teaches the west coast style. Has anyone ever heard of this? I didn't really get the differences as she explained them. What she's...

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