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    Anyone familiar with Knee Injuries?

    Waiting on MRI results currently. (for DD) Possible MCL Experiences?
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    Parenting Help

    So hey, I love this forum. I've learned alot in a short time. Both good and bad. I grew up playing baseball and I have a HS senior on the cusp of playing college baseball. I thought with my daughter it would be the same. However, As I dig more and more softball is just an entirely different...
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    Infielder Program Ideas

    Hello, Just looking to fine tune a standard infielder program for my players. The thought process is to have a standard as to which they work on in practice so when it comes time to practice we tell them "We working on the infield today get to your stations" Some of the basics that we've been...
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    Out of Town Team/Traveling

    Can anyone relay their experience with playing with out of town teams? Specifically 2.5 hours or further away, how did you make it work for you and your family? What was your childs thoughts and how did they take it? Were you a rostered player or just a guest? If just a guest how did fees work?
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    Practice Questions

    Hello, So it looks like I am becoming closer and closer to starting up my own team due to some issues I am seeing here in my area. The team itself is going to be blended with ages. Gonna have some young girls to some HS Freshman. Technically its a 2nd year 14U team. We're holding official...

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