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    Middle infield glove

    You guys were so helpful with recommendations for a catcher's mitt that I'd love to hear your recommendations for a middle infield glove. My daughter is 13. $50 - $150 price range. Thank you!
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    Catchers mitt for 14u, $150 or less?

    Hi. My 13 year old DD has been playing since T-ball but is brand new to catching. She's borrowing a 1st baseman's glove for now (Rawlings Liberty Advanced) until we buy her one. Ideally we would like to pay no more then $150 until we know for sure she is going to stick with this. Her hands are...
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    Book - mental toughness or other softball related favorites?

    Looking to get my teen daughter a new book or two for Christmas. Anyone have a favorite mental toughness or other softball related book?
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    From Michigan

    Hi. I've been following along for a while now and finally decided to join. I have 2 girls that have played softball since t-ball, one is 13 and the other just graduated from high school.

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