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  1. MNDad

    Proud of my Student Athlete

    The College of Engineering did a little profile thingy on Emma. https://www.facebook.com/ISUCoE/videos/vb.37114521325/331476604392142/?type=2&theater
  2. MNDad

    Why they play

    Daughter had a pretty good weekend in the circle this weekend and received lots of accolades. That was pretty cool, but here’s what really made me proud. Between games DD saw a girl in the stands with a jersey from a former club she played with. Introduced herself and talked to the kid a few...
  3. MNDad

    Student-Athlete or Athlete-Student?

    Some interesting data about SA’s in 2016-17. What it shows in general is female athletes perform better than females non-athletes, including STEM fields. Other than basketball, 17% of female athletes vs only 15% of females in student body received STEM degrees. It’s even more lopsided in D2...
  4. MNDad

    TCS 16U Nationals Jacksonville Storm Stripped of title

    One ineligible player would have been bad enough, but they had multiple. I do give the organization credit for reporting it right away. I think I'd ban the coaches and every team member instead of the entire organization. Definitely sends a strong signal though. It'll be interesting to see...
  5. MNDad

    DFP DD College List

    Where is your DD playing or committed to play college ball? Step up so we can root for them! Emma Hylen at Iowa State.
  6. MNDad

    College Transfers

    Does anybody know where to find NCAA rules regarding college players transferring? I'm normally good at hunting down rules and regulations, but I'm stuck on this one. Thanks
  7. MNDad

    11 Yr Old Football Player Recieves D1 Offer

    Maybe this is insane enough for the NCAA to take notice on early verbals. http://www.kitv.com/story/35659714/meet-the-11-year-old-offered-a-football-scholarship-from-university-of-hawaii
  8. MNDad

    Big 12 Pitcher of the Week

    The Cyclones have played exceptionally well after a dismal start. We have a ways to go, but I couldn't be happier with the improvements and steps the team is making. As a result Em is benefiting as well. Big 12 Co-Pitcher of the Week Hylen Named Big 12 Co-Pitcher of the Week - Iowa State...
  9. MNDad

    ISU has the Big 12 Pitcher and Player of the Week!

    Admittedly we didn't face the strongest competition, but I'm still extremely proud of Em and her teammates. https://www.big12sports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_LANG=C&ATCLID=211493431&DB_OEM_ID=10410
  10. MNDad

    All Stars Movie

    This is worth renting. It's like "Best in Show" for 10U softball. "ALL-STARS" follows a girls' 10-year-old fastpitch softball team and their families through a recreation league season that culminates in the selection of the coveted 10-and-under All-Star team. All Stars (2014) - IMDb
  11. MNDad

    “If you want to know what a girl will look like, take a look at her Mother (Father)"

    “If you want to know what a girl will look like, take a look at her Mother (Father)" We’ve all heard that phrase and I often wonder if it applies to softball recruiting. We hear how coaches watch parents for behaviors. Wouldn’t they also look to project what a 13 yr old will look like when...
  12. MNDad

    Male/Female Coaches

    The Arizona Cardinals just hired a female intern coach. She's played football in something called the WFA. I'm curious if people will be as accepting of a female coach in football as we've become with male coaches in Girls/Womens Fastptich? I've seen many posts about not having to play...
  13. MNDad

    Levels of Play

    I’m curious what the different levels of play mean in different areas of the country? Here in Minnesota we have Rec, Travel A/B/C and Elite. Rec = Playing ball within your city for the Park and Rec Department. All of the games are local within a city or adjacent city. Teams are usually...
  14. MNDad

    Missouri/Missouri State

    Missouri and Missouri State's softball teams likely won't be playing each other anytime soon. Following an open records request made by the University of Missouri, a series of heated emails between Missouri coach Ehren Earleywine and longtime Missouri State coach Holly Hesse have been revealed...
  15. MNDad

    It's Over

    DD’s HS career ended last night with a loss in sections. It was bittersweet. Sad that she’ll no longer play with some of the girls she’s been with since 10U, yet exciting to move on the next chapter in college. Despite the frustrations of HS ball was a great experience. It taught her...
  16. MNDad

    Another Proud Papa

    Below is an excerpt from an email DD's HS coach received from an opposing coach a couple weeks ago. I've been going back and forth whether I should post it, but here goes... “I just wanted to take a moment and compliment your pitcher Emma. She is a true leader on the field and the dug-out...

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