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    First inning

    DD (16U) tends to be tentative when starting a game out. Once she gets past the first inning she settles in and can do very well. Obviously, she's facing the top of the order, but will usually do better against them the second time around. Any thoughts on getting out of the gate strong?
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    16U RH hitter dropping right hand

    and barrel ending up at angle below ball, lots of pop ups and/or weak hits. Is this addressed in another thread and I'm not looking at the terminology correctly? Drills to help?
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    Who's call is it?

    No runners on, batter hits a soft liner between pitcher and 2B. Second basemen comes up and makes diving catch. Plate umpire calls out, runner has ran the play out to first base and comes back and stands on first. Second basemen didn't throw to first because of out call. Plate umpire again...
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    Player sunglasses

    DD is 15 and wanting a new pair. Just wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a solid pair that hold up?
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    Home cooking...real or fake news?

    Just wanted to see if others have ran across it, or if it was me just trying to rationalize some poor performance? It seems like my DD's team has gone to few tourneys recently where there was some bias for local organizations regarding draws and the way games were called. But I don't want to...
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    Outside-the-box ideas?

    Our 12u team is looking for an additional pitcher - along with about every other team in our area it seems like. Have posted messages on the local board. Asked team parents to be on the lookout, or if they have former teammates looking. Not even a sniff. Have talked with other coaches and...

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