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    Different tee types worth getting?

    I use the Juggs one, and really like it. My team has 3 of them that we use all the time. I'm happy with them, but wasn't sure if adding a different type tee would even be worth it, or a waste of time/money. They feel gimmicky to me, especially the launch angle tee, which is why I asked.
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    Different tee types worth getting?

    I have 3 "normal" type tees that I use for my team's hitting. In watching videos I've seen people using launch angle tees and the backspin tees. Are these really worth investing in or are they just gimmicks and just stick with the traditional tee type?
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    14u player, looking for opinions

    Thank you everyone for your input, I really appreciate it
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    14u player, looking for opinions

    I'm linking a video of a player on my team I'm working with. A few things that we've been addressing is the bat wrap she has right from the beginning. We've been working to lengthen her stride a bit more as well. What is concerning me and I'm struggling to fix is how compact she is at...
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    Looking for left handed catching mit

    I am left handed and need a new mit to catch my daughter with. I’m using my old first baseman’s glove and it has served me pretty well but it’s getting a bit old now and she’s throwing a lot harder (14u) than she did before. I’ve searched but struggling to find something that will work. Looking...
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    Looking for indoor timing drills (no cage)

    No i understand what would be ideal but unfortunately I have to work with what I have and try my best to prepare my girls for competition.
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    Looking for indoor timing drills (no cage)

    I have to move my team inside for practice and with a tournament in a week I'm concerned about our timing at the plate. We scrimmaged a team last weekend and our timing at the plate was terrible! Very few solid hits. I was planning on doing some machine hitting outside, but the weather has not...
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    Does Coach's Eye allow voice over recording?

    Before I buy it, I'm wondering if anyone knows whether Coach's Eye allows for voice over analyzing of video to share. Whether this be for hitting, throwing, pitching, running, etc. Is there a feature that allows me to record a player doing an activity and then I go back an break it down with...
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    Does anyone have experience using the Power Drive?

    I was talking with some other coaches the other day about pitching and mentioned that my daughter was struggling to really engage her lower half when pitching. One of the guys mentioned that a player on his team who was having a similar problem had started using the Power Drive and was...
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    Has anyone attended a Wasserman Throwing Clinic?

    Or know someone who has? Thinking about sending my daughter to one in August. Its $150, which I'm willing to spend if she is going to get a lot out of it. She's 13 playing 14u. Throws decently, but definitely can improve.
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    Helmet inserts

    My team uses DeMarini helmets and they fit 10 out of my 12 girls perfectly. The 2 that the helmets do not fit are pretty loose. Does anyone know of any inserts that work well for these helmets that I can recommend for them as it can be difficult at times to bat with their helmets flopping...
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    Has anyone used a Movision Visor?

    Interesting. I'll see if I can find any pictures of it, I wonder how some college players were wearing them this weekend. Dr. prescription perhaps? Thanks for the heads up though! Appreciate it.
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    Has anyone used a Movision Visor?

    Was watching college games over the weekend and saw a girl wearing a visor on her mask in the field and then on her helmet when she was up to bad. I looked them up and found Movision. They look pretty legit alternates to wearing sun glasses which my daughter complains that her mask hits when...
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    How far off of the plate to set up

    14u. Sorry, thats important, and I should have included it.
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    How far off of the plate to set up

    This has always been . feel thing for me, I was never taught how far to set up off the plate. Just looking for opinions, or good ways for the girls to measure how far off the plate they should stand so they're not reaching for pitches.
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    Indoor fielding drills

    Looking for some ideas for drills that can be done inside in a gym to keep the girls motivated. We've been stuck inside for several months, we're in Wisconsin, and have finally got outside over the last few weeks but this rain has driven us back inside. We have a tournament on Mother's Day...
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    Player sunglasses

    Was going to post something like this as well. Daughter has trouble finding something that fits under her mask comfortably, especially while she pitches
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    Anyone see the Miz F20 Titanium in action?

    Just wondering if anyone has experience with this bat. I know last year it had pretty good feedback with how it hit, but the main issue was that girls didn't like the ping it made. Also read that the F19 had a smaller sweet spot than the PC did. Just looking for opinions. Thanks!
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    Good price on balls??

    My team just ordered 2 dozen McGregor X100 ASA balls from Amazon. I've had great luck with them in the past holding up to BP and just all around play. They're about $54 right now, which is a good price for leather balls. As stated above, stay away from Dicks brand balls unless you're going to...
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    Covering 2nd on a steal

    Thanks Marriard. I'll starting working on them moving earlier and reading the pitch. You're right, you don't see many hit and runs, but leaving that SS gap open is always a fear. Its the baseball player of 20+ years still in my head from time to time.

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