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  1. crystlemc

    Thank you Bill Hillhouse

    You big dork! You're gonna live a long life and make everyone around you miserable...lol
  2. crystlemc

    Thank you Bill Hillhouse

    I would post this on your Facebook, but you're never on there anymore. I would text or call you, but I want other people to know the Bill I know. When my DD was 10, she decided she wanted to pitch. I don't even remember how we heard about Bill, because we were still a rec ball family at that...
  3. crystlemc

    Which is a better choice- PBJ or Ham/cheese?

    Peanut butter has far less protein than what she would need. I would go with ham and cheese. You don't want to "overcarb" since once the body uses the sugar that the carbs turn in to, it will run out of gas pretty quickly. Protein is a slower burning fuel and tends to reduce the speed at...
  4. crystlemc

    10U swinging a 34/25

    I'm truly not trying to be a jerk when I say that even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again. She will be a much better, more consistent hitter with an appropriately sized bat. Plus, against fast pitching, she'll never get it around fast enough.
  5. crystlemc

    Pitching student in need of help....

    I shared this over on The Softball Zone, so maybe the people over there will pitch in, as well.
  6. crystlemc

    10U swinging a 34/25

    That bat is waaaayyy too big. She is dragging it through the zone and squatting to try to power it through. YOCOACH's DD swings that size bat and she's 5'10", 17 years old, and weighs (I'm guessing) somewhere between 160-180 and is by no means a fat girl. If you keep her swinging that bat...
  7. crystlemc

    Waiting, Waiting, and Waiting some more....

    Any coach that offers the "starting catcher" or starting whatever position in tryouts, is a coach to be avoided. If coaches are truly about the team, they don't know who will shake out as the #1 anything until they start playing together, and even then, they can't predict improvement, work...
  8. crystlemc

    Coup D'etat and Softball Team Civil Wars (Someone trying to take over your team)

    I agree with YOCOACH, that there is no way you should be trying to HC two different teams. I think that maybe you should have let go and let him have the team, since he was the one spending the most time with them. The girls deserve a full time coach, not a part time one.
  9. crystlemc

    Travel softball

    My DD didn't begin playing travel ball until she was 10. By the time she was 16, she was playing on, arguably, the best team in Ohio. A team that placed very high at Boulder and has almost the whole roster committed. It's not going to hurt her to wait a couple years, but it may very well hurt...
  10. crystlemc

    LS Xeno thoughts

    My DD has 2 of the 2012's and 1 of the 2014's. She love love loves the 2012 and uses the 2014 for cold weather HS games. When it's bitter cold, she uses her 2013 Miken Freak because she hates the feel of it...lol. You would have to pry her 2012's out of her cold dead hands. They even have...
  11. crystlemc

    Whistling fastball

    My DD doesn't pitch terribly fast, but you can hear the ball "buzz" when she throws it. I'm guessing it's spin, because hers it what makes her effective.
  12. crystlemc

    Ending of a timed game

    I find it interesting that more pitchers don't use only 1 warmup pitch. My DD has always done that and it's always thrown at change up speed.
  13. crystlemc

    Before You Commit To A Travel Team.....(inspired by chinamigarden)

    My daughter goes to a pitching/hitting coach. Will you interfere with what she is being taught by them?
  14. crystlemc

    Firestone summer joke

    Who is she playing with? And I didn't realize there had any ASA tournaments at Firestone. That must be a fairly new development. Maggie hasn't played a tournament there in years because of them being NSA.
  15. crystlemc

    Firestone summer joke

    Any tournament played at Firestone will not likely be a true showcase. Not to mention it's probably NSA and in Ohio, NSA is not for the "serious" teams. Plus, the 16u ASA state tourney is going on in Findlay, so most of your strong teams are there, and that's where the coaches would be.
  16. crystlemc

    First pitch strikes

    Like I said, it's not unheard of. Not extremely common, but not unheard of. My oldest DD (now 25) hit 2 out during her 10yo rec state tournament. That being said, she was never a small girl. Always tall and strong. But I would say these are the exception rather than the rule. I only say it...
  17. crystlemc

    Dealing with the team diva

    At first, she did want to pitch. She loved pitching. It was coaches who weren't her dad, that rode her and made her hate it. And when her dad was her coach, she got pulled just like any other player. If she wasn't hitting well, she wasn't in the lineup. So no, it would have been no...
  18. crystlemc

    First pitch strikes

    What do you consider younger ages? Around here, it's not unheard of for 10u's to be hitting the ball out. By 12u, it's relatively common. It slows down a bit at 16u as the pitching is more "mature", but still happens a fair bit.
  19. crystlemc

    Wrist Flips for the Win

    So then disregard anything I post. Pretty simple.
  20. crystlemc

    Dealing with the team diva

    This is not always the truth. My DD was a pitcher and on every team she played for, she ended up in the #1 spot. She never wanted to be the #1. Her dad was AC for a couple years, then HC. He was always trying to find a #1 because she really didn't want to be. He would give other pitchers...

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