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  1. nanotech14

    Is this bush league

    First of all my dd has pitched long enough to know better. Last night dd comes into the game 3rd inning to pitch. Freshman pitcher was falling apart, so coach had dd go in. Dd starts pitching to the batter, 3rd base coach starts yelling to ump, she needs to present the ball. Dd never shows the...
  2. nanotech14


    This isn't the question I really want to ask, but I need some opinion? My dds hs coach keeps hugging the younger players, freshmen, keeps is hands off the older girls the 3 seniors and 1 junior that tells my dd that she is creeped out by him. Not talking about standing off to the side but big...
  3. nanotech14

    2015 lxt $$$$$$$$$$$$

    What's the deal with the 2015 LS XLT 34/24? I was online and it seems like theirs a bunch of sellers on eBay, trying to sell them saying how hot the bat is and rare. Some asking $500 for one new in the wrapper. I was wondering because I was at a sports store and they had it marked for the same...
  4. nanotech14


    sorry took this quote from riseball from my other thread about my dd's scholarship offer. Thanks, I guess what Im asking as a Christian is for permission or if it is warranted for me not to be humble about my dd and what she has accomplished. I have always taught my dd to be humble and give...
  5. nanotech14

    question about ncaa div.

    NJCAA Division II so whats that mean as far as level of play?
  6. nanotech14


    I have questions from those that have been though the college process. Dd went and visited another college on Tuesday and meet the coach. Dd has fallen in love with the school. It is where she sees herself. The college has a great program for her major, small class sizes and offers her the...
  7. nanotech14

    Firestone summer joke

    Just got back home from what is suppose to be a showcase. Dd played on one of the showcase teams a mix of girls in the tournament. The big deal was there was going to be college coaches there. Thats the first joke, just us parents watching, I guess the TD forgot to send out the memo to the...
  8. nanotech14

    Had to return dds LXT

    Just got her replacement LXT back, 2017 model LXT hyper. She loves the white main color with the different blue color combination. I was surprised it wasn't the 2016 model. I have to admit, LS impressed me with their great service. Off to go hit some balls.
  9. nanotech14

    Another clueless Div. 1

    Went to a clinic at Robert Morris University near Pittsburgh yesterday. The assistant coach starts giving her hitting instructions to the girls, starts out talking about the load, thinking, okay, she has that down not to bad, keep the bat knob pointing towards the other batters box, I don't...
  10. nanotech14


    Hugo, the beast. Sorry nothing to say, just love saying Hugo. I wish could swing the bat like her.
  11. nanotech14

    Oh no!

    Dd has been asked to play little league. She hasn't played LL since 12yo. The coach that she plays for in a women's league during the week wants to put together a team to try and go to the LL all stars. Dd is 16yo and of course plays TB for another team. Dd thinks it sounds like fun and that's...
  12. nanotech14

    Speed vs mass?

    Dd was hitting the other day and as I was pitching to her, I began to think" I know that is dangerous ". But here is my thought. Dd loves a heavy bat, current bat is CF6 33" -8, so that puts it at a 25oz bat. She has a CF7 -9 too in her bag and a 2006 Easton synergy 33" -9. She hits really hard...
  13. nanotech14

    Pay backs are a ?

    We'll my dd gets to change places with me tonight. I was called out of retirement to play a little slow pitch softball this weekend. I hope she takes it easy on me. The team wants me to pitch. I have been tell my dd all week that it isn't as easy as she thinks to hit the plate. I don't think she...
  14. nanotech14

    Buckeye recruit fest

    Anybody going to the buckeye recruit fest this weekend?
  15. nanotech14

    Anyone have one

    Looking for a 34" 25oz. 2006 Easton Synergy CNT Comp SCN2B? It is gray with the orange lettering. DD has it in 33" 24oz. and it is down right lethal. Just looking to add another for her to grow into.
  16. nanotech14


    Okay, since we have a thread going on right now about, the player from Bama and if she left to soon or not? Let's dust off the good old Leadoff styles. What do you coaches prefer or not, how about some clips and facts or crap.
  17. nanotech14

    What about this bat?

    I picked up this barely used Easton Synergy SCN2B, 33" 24oz., what year was it made?
  18. nanotech14

    Going insane or not!

    Dd has both RT & CF5 insane, that she currently uses. Well it is time to move up another size. I was looking at the CF6 insane, but I was thinking of switching her to the CF6 -8 33 1/2 25.5 oz. will it have a end loaded feel for her. She loves an end loaded bat, that why I can't peel the RT out...
  19. nanotech14

    Never give up!!!! Keep fight for your dream

    Okay, Emily has played. She played in a doubleheader, last Thursday, it was a summer JV/V HS summer league. She was so nerverous, she started in RF, never played outfield before:rolleyes:, but she backed up the plays well. Then they moved her to 3rd and then 1st in game one. Went 1 for 2 with a...
  20. nanotech14

    Making a little girl cry.

    Emily and I were over to the local park. We were going to practice a little. There was a LL game going on 9-10 year olds. This girl at bat rips this ball over the right fielders head. The little girl runs and gets the ball. She was just this little thing, well she gets the ball and instead of...

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