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  1. benz99

    Brooke 13u

    Booke now 13 years old 12 years old And her 1st attempt when she was 11
  2. benz99

    Anderson Techzilla

    Anyone have any thoughts on the Anderson Techzilla, the purple one 2012 I think? We have an Easton FS1 30/20 composite which has a great solid feel to it. But being in the midwest I anticipate her playing a good number of games under 55 degrees. So I guess basically two questions, Don't worry...
  3. benz99

    Hitting Baseballs??

    Is it harmful for a girl(12u) to hit baseballs with a small barrel baseball bat. I have a pitching machine that throws both baseballs & softballs but it's really a pain to make all the changes from baseball to softball. I throw underhand now from aprrox 20 ft but I still don't throw anywhere...
  4. benz99

    How often to Pract. Pitching??

    I am a newbie to the softball world as I have only coached my son's travel baseball teams. I wouldn't let my son throw a bullpen everyday but my 11 year old daughter asks me daily to practice pitching. So is it like baseball to much is not good or is there a rule of thumb for how often a player...
  5. benz99

    Brooke 11u swing

    Brooke just turned 11, Last year was her first year of any interest in sports & she played softball for the first time. Have a cage in the backyard for her brother but she barely took any swings until last April. This year she is more eager to take swings & she is looking foreward to getting...

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