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    Torn hip labrum

    Sorry to hear, hope everything goes well and there's a speedy recovery. My DD is going to be out the next 7-8 months after knee surgery. Going to do everything we can to make sure she's ready for school ball in the fall. She's heartbroken about missing spring/summer with her TB team.
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    First inning

    Typically the first inning of the day. They have enough pitchers in TB that they'll split starting games on any given day. She has come in for relief from time-to-time and will do well.
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    First inning

    DD (16U) tends to be tentative when starting a game out. Once she gets past the first inning she settles in and can do very well. Obviously, she's facing the top of the order, but will usually do better against them the second time around. Any thoughts on getting out of the gate strong?
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    New coach asks for practice help....

    Clear expectations are always great for all parties involved. By the way, kudos for continuing to give back to the game.
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    Batting average or QAB?

    MoneyBall goes with OBP and probably QAB - but if my DD is hitting well she is swinging early and often. When she is passive and taking too many pitches, her QABs increase but not her batting avg. or necessarily her OBP.
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    As a dad of a pitcher, having a pitching staff of 3 to 4 is awesome - but having a quality catcher is worth their weight in gold!
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    When are your seasons?

    Oklahoma: School ball: Practices start mid-July or so, state championships around mid-October Competitive: Spring - early tourneys will try to schedule late Feb (weather sketchy), seasons wrap up in July Fall - depending upon age will start around 1st of Sept...
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    We must have the same GC scorekeeper.
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    Team name regarding a birth year or graduating year?

    I prefer the 14U Ultimate Titanium Prospects Elite Gold Premier 2023 and then play C level.
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    Any issues here?

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    Drop dead time rule

    This is the one area where I enjoy school ball more than competitive - no timed games.
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    16U RH hitter dropping right hand

    and barrel ending up at angle below ball, lots of pop ups and/or weak hits. Is this addressed in another thread and I'm not looking at the terminology correctly? Drills to help?
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    Who's call is it?

    No runners on, batter hits a soft liner between pitcher and 2B. Second basemen comes up and makes diving catch. Plate umpire calls out, runner has ran the play out to first base and comes back and stands on first. Second basemen didn't throw to first because of out call. Plate umpire again...
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    Typical fall ball schedule with school sports?

    In Oklahoma, it's pretty much the girls belong to the HS team until their season is over and TB tournaments are off-limits. Won't see many 16u/18u tournaments scheduled until mid-October. Depending upon how aggressive the TB coach is, they may get 6 tourneys in the fall (but weather usually...
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    Things I Learned on This Site

    How did you know?
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    Are we being naive to consider staying? Long - sorry.

    Is the HS coach going to help your DD with her connections only if she plays on her TB team? If so, that doesn't sound like much of a coach. Or, does she truly believe that her organization will be able to bring your DD farther along? I don't think you're out of time by any stretch, and that...
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    Things I Learned on This Site

    True story: was an AC on my DD's 12u team, we picked up another pitcher for a tourney. She shows up and we ask her what pitches she throws and she goes: "I have ELEVEN pitches." Uhhh, yeah - you got a pitch calling sheet for that?
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    Choosing a 14U team

    Kind of hard to say without knowing what your options are, like number and quality of teams in your area. We were faced with a change when our DD was similar in age. We came up with a checklist of 5 to 7 things that were the most important to us and then rated the team options as they became...
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    Things I Learned on This Site

    the DD's that are pitchers were/are/will be throwing 60+ at 12U
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    Should goal be college?

    Our son received great advice from his HS football coach - "If you are going to play in college, you have to love the sport." He no longer played with his lifelong friends, went through multiple position coach changes, basically new team rosters every year and all of the time challenges to play...

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