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  1. Lambchops78

    Coach missing at tournaments

    What is the expectation of coaches being at tournament games...pool play vs bracket games...and out of town tournaments? Asking for a friend.
  2. Lambchops78

    Bragging on another kid

    A team in our organization was playing at Smokey Baker tournament in Cincinnati last weekend. 14 U, Bottom of last inning, down by 3, 2 outs, bases loaded, 2 strikes....a no doubter grand slam to walk it off. They lost next game but what a moment for that kid.
  3. Lambchops78

    Anyone else get excited the night before a tournament?

    School ball or TB, I get excited the night before a tournament....it is now almost 3:00, alarm is set for 05:30. Truck is washed,waxed...loaded and ready to roll. Eat a good breakfast. 1/2 hour drive. Be at park 7:30 ish. Report time is 8:00 first pitch at 09:00.
  4. Lambchops78

    Southern Ohio Fastpitch Dad...

    Hello all, coming by to engage with others about fastpitch and other items I suppose. I have coached rec ball for several years and some tournament teams after seasons were over. Looking in to coaching some school ball too. First summer in travel ball and looking forward to it. DD is on 12U...

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