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    What if this happened in softball....

    15 years ago today... I know the answer for the bird, but what about the ball? Dead or Live? As I understand it, the MLB umpire called dead ball / no pitch. What would the right call be in ASA?
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    First base question

    Saw this in a Middle School game last week. R1 on first. 1 out. Batter's line drive to F6 is caught. F6 throws ball toward F3. R1 retreats to 1B steps on white portion of 1B before the throw is caught by F3 with her foot on the bag. R1's momentum carries her off of the white portion to the...
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    Umpires that "coach" players

    As a coach, I've seen several instances where an umpire attempts to help a young player with what could be construed as coaching instructions directly to the player. Particular instances I've seen: Telling a batter who just bunted the ball foul to be sure to run in the first base running lane...
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    Illegal pitch - high school rules

    I'm a novice in a sea of experts on this forum, so I wanted to get some thoughts on this. I was watching a high school game and the base ump made several illegal pitch calls against both teams. After a 30 minute inning, a half dozen coaches conferences, and 4 pitcher changes, it was finally...

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