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    Making contact toward the Handle

    Thanks guys. 2 games tomorrow hope to get some video of in game swings to post.
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    Making contact toward the Handle

    Hello, 17yo DD has been making contact more toward the Handle of the bat lately. Don't have access at the time To any video. She's typical a very good hitter with lots of power We work on hitting middle/bottom half of the ball however the HS Coach constantly has them do top of the ball...
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    Does anyone besides me teach these things?

    Because he's sneaky
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    The magical riseball story.

    Lol. You must think the sun orbits the earth too.
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    USFA WS Panama City Beach

    Play two tomorrow. Looking forward to a good week.
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    DeMarini CF6 vs. Easton FS1 vs. Louisville Slugger TPS Xeno

    FS1s just aren't the same as the previous years Stealths in my opinion. Maybe they have a break-in period that we haven't achieved yet but the bats that kids I'm involved with just don't have the pop of the Stealths. I think a lot of folks are finding the same thing to be the case. On...
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    Pitching speeds

    Thanks for the explanation JD.
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    Pitching speeds

    Are you saying the fingers actually go over the top and down the front of the ball, ie the way most girls practice it when doing their spins, on a full speed pitch?
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    Tennis Balls

    Costanza was a chucker.
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    Completely forgot about this. Thanks for the update. I went through some serious data and scientific configurations in determining my picks(ie Hofstra, I heard, read, dreamed or somehow determined they had a really outstanding pitcher).
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    New respect for the knuckle ball...in search of the ball that breaks twice

    Hal knew a guy who had an uncle that sold a dog to a man that threw a one fingered knuckler with both the full windmill as well as submarine delivery. It broke 5 different directions before stopping in front of the plate and laughing at the batter as they flailed at it
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    NCAA Softball Pool

    I got 10/16 correct.
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    Joan Joyce, the riseball and dropping the shoulder

    Leave librarians out of this!!!
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    Who would you prefer to teach you DD, to pitch, C Thomas or J Taylor?

    BoardMember would be my choice for PC.
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    10u sportsmanship

    How did mojo's team do against the Batbusters?
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    What is a fast ball in FP?

    #popcorn. #nothumblebrag
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    Who would you prefer to teach you DD, to pitch, C Thomas or J Taylor?

    I think the guru you are referring to is BoardMember.
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    Safety bag

    Anyone have the NFHS rule on safety bag being used to make an out?
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    Attn: Mr. X.............

    Your best post to date.

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