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    Playing club ball in college?

    National Club Softball Association - Teams If you were looking for club teams not affiliated with a university, then search for 23U Travel Ball teams in your area.
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    Motion Review (Video)

    Don't panic. She doesn't even have a year under her belt. Most pitchers started when they were 8 or 9, so you cannot really use them as a bench mark. Has she seen the same instructor these 11 months, it kind of sounded like you have seen multiple different instructors at same facility? Need...
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    Real interest or being played to fill a camp?

    Following thousands of players.
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    Hitting advice

    She is dropping bat, and swinging flat through the zone... This creates a long path for the bat, making it difficult to catch up to the pitch. The faster the pitching gets, the worse her timing is going to get. This is pretty common in 10/12 U. My youngest DD didn't really get away from this...
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    Glove Recomendations

    Most Sub $100 gloves are not designed with re-lacing in mind.
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    Pitching velo

    Once they stop growing, the "easy" speed increases you saw in 12u and 14u end. Then it becomes more about technique, strength and agility. Long toss and more long toss.... Focus on arm whip If you have been with same pitching coach since 12u, a different voice might be worthwhile...
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    Your kid says she wants to quit pitching.....

    When this has come up in the past with my two DDs who both pitch, my response has been "that's fine, you just need to complete your commitment to your team (through the end of whatever season it happens to be), then you can quit pitching, or quit the game." End of season rolls around, and coach...
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    What advantage does Crow Hopping Gives to a Pitcher

    A 1.17 career ERA at UF is "getting lit up"? You are just spouting off made up nonsense.
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    High School Daddy Ball

    The answer is obvious... Budget constraints compel schools to rely on volunteers to keep the athletic teams going.
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    Looking for good pants that won’t overheat

    When I go to Adidas web site, and browse by sport, under softball, the only pants they have are leggings, not softball pants. My kids like Mizuno softball pants, but that is more due to the fit, then them being cooler than other pants. FWIW And for 6U, I think shorts are probably fine, even...
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    High School Daddy Ball

    I'm too scared to go in there and see.... :LOL:
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    High School Daddy Ball

    If you thought that was "aggressive" then you should definitely stay away from the hitting technical forum... Nothing good will result from going to the AD. He will not interfere with Coach on line up decisions. He WILL tell the coach what you say, and your DD will be the one who has to live...
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    Whats your "Area" tradition or rule about what happens with OTF homerun ball?

    I do this a lot in High School ball, lot of high school fields we visit have "unique" dimensions. This one is in our region, 140 to RF, but the fence is taller... maybe 20' high. 180 down LF line, regular fence.
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    High School Daddy Ball

    What possible good do you think this would do? DO NOT involve the AD in playing time issues.
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    Showcase camps are they worth it?

    It is unlikely you will be "Discovered" by Alabama, or any other P5 program at one of these camps. But, if you are looking for a program at a lesser D1, D2 or D3, then yes, you can get some meaningful exposure at one of these camps.
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    Ump fees

    Not a tax professional, but I will share my insight. The rules haven't really changed, Venmo (and other 3rd party payment facilitators) have always had to report these payments on a 1099. The difference is when the new rules take effect sometime in the 2023 reporting year, the IRS has lowered...
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    Any 501C experts???

    Not an expert by any means.... Yes, I think the boosters can pay for hotel rooms for players for away games. As for gas reimbursement, the drivers would probably have to keep mileage logs. I think the IRS mileage reimbursement rate for charities is 14 cents per mile. Logs would need Date...
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    Gorilla Gold

    You would not have been humiliated, because you would have never known i did anything. This was purely between the coach and myself.
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    Gorilla Gold

    Not looking for absolution. I own what I did, and given same circumstances, I would do it again. As we both have established, you are entitled to your opinion. These days pitchers are taking their rosin bags back to the dugout, covid protocols, prohibited sharing the same rosin bag. As far...
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    Gorilla Gold

    Maybe. In 2nd inning, I was convinced coach wasn't going to say anything. I was as surprised as anyone when they finally did call time and ask ump to inspect the bag. If I had been more prepared, I would have just swung by and said DD left her illegal griping agent in the car. Here it is...

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