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  1. Lemond

    This totally made me laugh

    lol, and congratulations!!
  2. Lemond

    Defacing the Ball

    Give the ball back to the PU and ask him/her to make it less slick.
  3. Lemond

    How do you score this?

    People who have no idea how to score a game, and people who purposefully inflate/deflate stats to help favored players/teams would do the same on paper or on electronics. Just more people end up seeing the electronic versions and it’s easier to use electronic versions to evaluate and rank. And...
  4. Lemond

    ***RTIC Jug - Half Gallon Member Giveaway***

    In with a please and thank you!
  5. Lemond

    Sorry ... the WORST game I have ever seen. EVER.

    Reminds me of an office football pool I was in years ago. Weekly pick winner of the 15 games each week. Simple so all could participate, and before fantasy FB was big. Guy from S Africa who only ever watched soccer picked 14/15 losers three weeks in a row!!! Almost takes more effort to be that bad.
  6. Lemond

    Excellent NFCA discount $45 for year

    Worth it at full price.
  7. Lemond

    Guess I'll start an off-topic thread?

    Congratulations, AD!!
  8. Lemond

    What ultimate pitching level for your daughter do you hope your and her efforts and commitment will achieve?

    Your efforts? If this is about you, please rethink your approach to your child’s future. Hope she has fun, and everyone learns something along the way!
  9. Lemond

    Guess I'll start an off-topic thread?

    It’s nearly impossible to call collecting bats a “fetish.” Gloves, the leap ain’t so large…. 😉
  10. Lemond

    Guess I'll start an off-topic thread?

    Maybe we could all meet up at Core’s place. He’s got enough bats we could all grab one, and then do a grid sweep of the surrounding forest. We’re bound to find a ‘Squatch with that many bats on the ground. Seriously, though, when I’m able to make it to that area (hopefully not during snow...
  11. Lemond

    Thank you and MUCH appreciated!!

    AD, how can we help? You have a link/venmo thing we could donate to?
  12. Lemond

    Batting cages - Bats vs Balls

    If she is breaking cage balls, they probably should have been replaced years ago. Sounds like the cage mgr is a cheap skate.
  13. Lemond

    Pitching machine leather balls

    Baden Ballistic Kevlar seemed balls do well. Fair warning, they have a little more of a slow pitch ball feel, and miss-hits can be unforgiving, both on the girl’s hands and the bats. The seems are relatively low, but you will see some good movement from them. The wheels seem to be tolerating...
  14. Lemond

    Brands and style of leather softballs you use?

    Like both of those for BP durability.
  15. Lemond

    Brands and style of leather softballs you use?

    So, yes, but let me clarify. Going from Dreamseams to any NFHS ball is going to be a huge difference! Mainly in the seam height. NFHS are significantly more raised. Going from the old Dudley NFHS to the new Rawlings FPCIF required ball, there is also a difference. Girls claim they are heavier...
  16. Lemond

    Glove Relace Question

    It’ll be like the Glove Ho threads on the SBF forum. Fredderf has some awesome rebuilds on there! Worth a look @Gags if you have not seen them!
  17. Lemond

    Guess I'll start an off-topic thread?

    That’s a heck of a “go bag”!
  18. Lemond

    Well, here it is...

    If she got to Oh FUDGE, we set PRs in our home to home times (someone else’s home).

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