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  1. J

    Ir for new pitcher?

    My girls are just starting pitching lessons at 8 and 10. Is it better to start them out with internal rotation and convert them later or start with ir right away? I am guessing most here will say to start them out with ir but would like to hear your thoughts
  2. J

    Softball dad looking for a new glove

    My 15 year old glove is starting to fall apart inside. I need something for practicing with my girls. The problem with mine is that the lining on the inside is coming apart because it is not leather. What do I need to spend these days to get something that is good quality and will last? Just...
  3. J

    Looking for recommendations for winter clinics in southern or central mn

    Looking for a camp or clinic in southern or central mn this fall or winter. Any suggestions? My daughter played her second year of 10u this year and will be making the move to 12u next season. She has a good attitude but has a long way to go as a player especially considering the move up in age...
  4. J

    10 u pitching speed

    My girl is on a 10u team and I was wondering what speed to set a pitching machine at. Any idea on what the range is? We are in the silver bracket playing other local teams, not a super competitive travel team.
  5. J

    Beginner pitching drills

    My daughter wants to give pitching a try in her 10u rec league, she has had some coaching from some varsity girls with more experience, I know very little about this... She seems to e struggling the most with big high low misses. Any suggestions to get her to learn the release point? Anything...

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