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    Fixed leaning issue, now balls are high and fading left..

    I believe Hillhouse says bicep to ear and forearm brush the bellybutton. If you stick your butt out and lean over to throw a strike your arm can't do that or throw the ball outside bad, so you must do something funky to throw a strike. Now when you start correcting posture your release point...
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    Getting "happy feet" right before swing

    My DD also pitches and sometimes she looks like she is doing walk throughs hitting. Actually steps with her back foot. We started loading her back leg more in her stance. One legged drills seemed to help also.
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    Purple Hand

    Went back to the vascular doctor and we are sticking with physical therapy for now. He said again that her hand my turn purple for the rest of her life but he wasn't worried about that. Just didn't want any numbness or pain. She has never had any pain or numbness. Any kind of stress changes the...
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    Flip change speed

    LOL. Guess so.
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    Hitting Guru

    Played college ball and coached HS baseball many moons ago. My swing and teaching was more than along Latta's teachings. Have been using TM patterns with my kids. 13 year old DD that snuggles with constancy and a 10 year old son that can hit it pretty dang good for his genetics but even though...
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    Flip change speed

    Dont know what category it belongs in but its nasty. DD threw the flip until last year and her PC changed her to this and day one it was very good. DD is 13 now. Trying not to be that guy but havent seen a change with better movement. I
  7. T

    Flip change speed

    DD throws a flip change and really spins it on the side. The ball comes out the back of her hand and her pinky finishes on her hip. The other pitcher on our team is like a 2nd DD and her change floats and is to slow. She is a little better overall pitcher than my DD. Almost exactly what...
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    Hitting Guru

    Thoughts on Teacherman and Latta? I like some of both but not sure who is correct. The more I learn it seems the more confused I get. LOL
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    Ringor’s vs New Balance

    Yes. Needs NB with her new team.
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    Ringor’s vs New Balance

    DD team has switched from Mizuno to NB. She will be a first year 14U (metal). Having a hard time finding metal cleats in her size 5.5 (small foot)? Any suggestions?
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    DD leaping

    Put a paper plate under her drag foot and drag it up. Never did this but I have heard our PC tell girls to wear a heavy boot to feel the drag. Also, pitch with a hole in front of the rubber and try to drag. I only used the paper plate and that helped my DD.
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    DD played 12U Class A ball. They had 5 pitchers in the fall. IMO the girl that they used as the #5 pitcher was the number 2. She was also the best catcher and hitter on the team. She left and the #4 left at the break. Left us with a big hole at catcher and hitting. Now we have 3 really good...
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    Getting the curve

    DD pitching coach says it is very hard to throw it inside but if you can it becomes deadly. My DD throws it really good some days inside and some days not so good.
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    Getting the curve

    How hard is it to throw the palm up curve at the batter and break it over the inside corner?
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    Purple Hand

    Two and a half weeks of PT and her hand seems to be getting better. DD is playing VB with no issues. She is the setter and plays with her hands overhead all day long and serves. When she pitches her hand is still turning a little purple but not as bad. Her non throwing side is very sore from the...
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    The "Hissy-Quit"

    As a HS player about 35 years ago. I was on deck and this guy came walking around the corner of the fence and punched the opponents coach. The coach was squatting down and leaning against the fence calling pitches. He never saw the guy and the guy never said a word. The coach after gathering...
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    Collapsing front elbow

    Yes, then she uses her hips and shoulders to swing. Common for younger kids and some people teach it close to that. I'm not a tech guy but if you stop her swing the second before the barrel starts going forward her hands are in front of her stride foot. Big time push swing. If her shoulder and...
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    Collapsing front elbow

    On your load/gather, whatever your term is IMO the knob should be at the catchers feet and your hands should start turning the barrel from that position.
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    Collapsing front elbow

    IMO, she is knob to the ball and you can't get the lead elbow up if truly knob to the ball. I think if for the lead arm to work up the knob has to work up before it gets to the middle of your chest. I personally think the knob should start working from the catchers feet.
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    Getting the curve

    I think kids cut their hand under the ball a lot without spinning the fingers. I feel that without spinning your fingers your hand will roll over. The ball will have spin but not enough. Combine no finger spin and elbow out. Nothing. DD does both some but when correct it's real good

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