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    OF Drills

    So my 14yo DD has played SS mostly for the past two years and has become pretty good at it. This year she went to a new team and they have a good SS so she probably won't see much time as #6. Initial practices have her at LF. Looking for drills for her to work on to be able to read and track...
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    Glove Choices?

    What's the major differences between softball gloves and baseball gloves? I'm looking to buy myself a glove and it would be used to play catch with both my DD's but also catching for one of them. She's only 10 so not throwing fast enough to create discomfort yet...
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    Season Over....

    Well both my DD's seasons are over. My youngest is a little easier to handle as she's 9 and still playing mostly league. My oldest's who is 13 is a but tougher to handle. It was a rough season all the way around, couldn't keep a solid 9 to have good practices and the coach was also a HS coach so...
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    Does Run Count

    ok...in my 10U game tonight we were up by allot. Bases loaded, two outs. Batter hits a pop fly, 2nd base misses the pop fly, but our runner on 1st didn't go to 2nd right away. Girl on third crosses plate and a few seconds later the runner from 1st to 2nd is tagged out. We're awarded the run...
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    Replacement Ghost

    Just got my DD's replacement Ghost. Pretty good CS, although getting a day before we went to a tournament in Huntington Beach would have been better. (lol) Anyway....we went from a 32 (-10) to a 33 (-10). She hit off the Tee today and didn't say anything about it, but when I picked it up I...
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    Cracked or just cosmetic?

    I saw this on my DD's bat the other day. There's another one on the opposite side of it. Not sure if it's enough to warrant a replacement or not, and don't want to send in right now.
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    Batters Box

    So a rules question for all you umpires out there. Is there a rule regarding the catcher brushing back or moving into the batter while batter is in the box, when she's coming up to either fake a throw or throw to third? We had a game today where the catcher was doing this allot. She was...
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    Frustrating Season.....

    My DD had been with a team for about 3 years. She grew, as a result of working hard and lessons... and had fun but at the end of three years it was time for a change. The HC was not a teacher, they were a yeller and one who believed more reps the better, but wouldn't actually teach or show...
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    Pitching Help

    Forgive the poor framing. I'm looking for help on the finish. Looks like she's stopping her drive foot instead of stepping through it? Recommended drills would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dave
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    Arizona Tournaments?

    Recommendations for Arizona tournaments for 1st year 14U team?
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    Softball Rant

    Ok....I'd like to give fair warning, this is a rant so please feel free to skip entirely if you'd like. I'm an AC for a 2nd year 12U team and we're a pretty solid team. There is another team that there is some history with; our HC coached several of the girls from the other team a couple of...
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    Fielding Drills- Glove Side Leg Drop

    I have a great little 2nd baseman that has one small quirk, where she drops her glove side leg back when making a ground ball stop. It's really pronounced when the ball is head on to her. I'm looking for drills where she's more circling into the ball. I've noticed when she's moving, she doesn't...
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    Illegal Pitch Calls

    So today during a game, we had one runner on 2nd and batter at the plate. The opposing pitcher had been re-planting by about 6 inches and I had commented once to the FU to watch for it. This particular play our girl hit a shot to the SS and while the SS was making a play, I saw the FU make the...
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    Fast Pitching Hitting Drills

    I'm an AC for a 2nd year 12U B team and we are a pretty good hitting team most of the time but this past weekend we laid a big goose egg against a very solid A team. We couldn't catch up on her speed at all. I'm not sure what she was throwing but obviously faster than anything we've seen so far...
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    SS and the throw down!

    Wanted to get opinions on where your SS sets up on the 2nd base bag for a throw down on a steal attempt? We currently have her set up in front of the corner of the bag that's closest to the pitcher. She has to swing tag, I can see where a good hook slide would get away from her reach, so looking...
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    Coach Lyle?

    Has anyone had any experience with the Coach Lyle hitting videos? Good? bad? Would you recommend? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Better to Find Out now!

    So, I'm an AC for a 12U TB team and we have just completed our roster for going into fall ball, but had one more tournament before shutting it down for a few weeks. We asked one of our new team members to pick up with us as we were going to be skinny on kids and thought it best to have an extra...
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    Failed Compression Test

    So, my 12 YO DD has a Demarini Hope CF-8 that was tested today for the first time ever and it failed. The tester asked me if it had been in the car for awhile, and it hadn't...been in the bag for a couple hours in about 85 degrees. He told me I can try again tomorrow, so I will. What is it...
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    In- Motion Playbook?

    I'm pretty new to coaching and never really played a high level growing up so I have allot to learn so I was wondering if the In-Motion Playbook is worth the $69.00? I get the Facebook updates from it from time to time and they appear to be full of good information but didn't know if there was...
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    Batting Stance?

    So, watching a couple college softball games recently I noticed that several of the young ladies stand with their front foot, really behind them. They all tend to step towards the pitcher when in the load or swing, but just curious why start so far open? I've read in one place or another that a...

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