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  1. alabama_lowlife

    May be a silly brag...

    We would have beaten the #2 ranked 2A high school team in the state this weekend if somebody could have laid down a sac bunt.
  2. alabama_lowlife

    Coaching and scorekeeping

    I quite enjoy keeping a scorebook. I used to think baseball announcers on tv were kidding when they would say "for those of you scoring at home". I've considered doing so myself the last couple of years.
  3. alabama_lowlife

    Coaching and scorekeeping

    I use iScore because it allows friends and family to follow along. I liked gamechanger 2 years ago when I used it, although I can't remember exactly why I preferred it then. But it does not allow fans to follow the game. I also GoPro the games. Having the books on hand makes highlight videos...
  4. alabama_lowlife

    Need some GoPro assistance

    I use the gopro studio software. I won't say it's the best available as I'm sure there are several out there, which cost money, that are likely much better. I use gopro studio for all my video editing. I use it to make highlight videos for some of the games (usually the wins) and post them on...
  5. alabama_lowlife

    GoPro - 30 or 60 FPS for games

    I always film in 60fps. It's better for slow mo. It also works better for pulling a still image from the video. This is my DD making the tag at the plate. But it does take a toll on your computer. I added a 1TB harddrive last season and went ahead and added a 2TB harddrive during this season...
  6. alabama_lowlife

    Huge deals on some off weight LXT's and Xeno's

    Dang it. We bought my DD a 34/24 xeno like 2 weeks ago.
  7. alabama_lowlife

    Fastpitch Softball vs. Baseball Stats

    Yeah, I score our HS games and keep stats. It never fails that one will ask what her average is and I say .286 they're shocked. Errors and fielders choice don't count as hits.
  8. alabama_lowlife

    GoPro housing/case suggestions

    Got some audio Tuesday night of some teenage fans from the other team commenting that So And So cheats on him all the time. Got a little chuckle to myself thinking that they had no clue that conversation was being recorded. It was rather windy so most of it was muffled. I've also joked with...
  9. alabama_lowlife

    GoPro housing/case suggestions

    I keep 2 cases with me. A waterproof case, and what was once a waterproof case with the hole cut for the charging cable. I also put the open back on that case just in case it helps it run cooler.
  10. alabama_lowlife

    Finally got some action on GoPro today...

    I film in 1080p 60 fps Medium FOV. If I try to use anything other than the GoPro studio to open the video it is very glitchy. Windows media player won't play the 60 fps video on my computer. I've kinda got GoPro studio figured out so I use it. There are probably better solutions but I can get by...
  11. alabama_lowlife

    Finally got some action on GoPro today...

    Here are a couple short clips from last season with my GoPro Hero 3+ Black. I now have a horribly addictive hobby. I had to buy an extra 1 TB hard drive and I need another one ASAP. I filmed every game but 3 last season. I worked a Saturday of overtime during a tournament and missed 2 games, and...
  12. alabama_lowlife

    Softball revenge stories

    A few years ago, we started batting our cleanup hitter in the lead off spot and mixed up the whole lineup to create a spark . It generally resulted in some meat pitches from teams that hadn't played us yet. There were a couple games that she led off with homers. It set the mood pretty well for...
  13. alabama_lowlife

    Softball revenge stories

    I'm not sure what, if any, limitations apply to the number of years they can play varsity. My DD played some varsity as a 7th grader but missed 8th grade all together due to injury. But there have been many I know of who participated in some capacity at the varsity level for 6 years.
  14. alabama_lowlife

    Softball revenge stories

    As background, I'll explain how Alabama handles the playoffs. The state is divided into regions, each region into areas. The teams in a given area play each other twice during the season to determine who hosts the area tournament. The top 2 teams from the area tournament advance to regionals...
  15. alabama_lowlife

    Poor balance? Swing issue?

    I just don't see how that's helpful at all. I don't mean that in an argumentative sense, but to say that and then not offer your explanation of the CORRECT way to use one's back does nothing to help this person teach their daughter. You could have said "Use the force Luke" and been just as...
  16. alabama_lowlife

    Poor balance? Swing issue?

    Basically the "turn" is going from the bat being point up (approximately) to the bat hitting the catcher on the top of the head (sort of). Obviously the body is rotating so the head of the bat doesn't actually get anywhere near the catcher's head because the batter's body is rotating towards the...
  17. alabama_lowlife

    Hitting lesson for BB today:

    No no, it's OK to TALK to yourself, you just can't have an argument with yourself.
  18. alabama_lowlife

    Poor balance? Swing issue?

    Here it is as originally posted by FFS. Obviously this is a greatly exaggerated movement but it might allow you to SEE turning the barrel as opposed to swinging the bat.
  19. alabama_lowlife

    Poor balance? Swing issue?

    Don't try to get it all at once. I'm still trying to piece it all together. There's a thread on here that shows Louisiana Lafayette's batters doing what I would call a check swing in the in deck circle or between pitches. It gives a good visual of the exaggerated barrel turning motion. I'll try...
  20. alabama_lowlife

    This past weekend:

    I like CPEM's explanation better. BB = small Cannonball. Too clever!

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