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  1. abbygale

    Any updates on Jolene Henderson line drive to face?

    I watched her get hit in the noggin when pitching in yesterday's npf semifinal and she left under her own power to get checked out. I haven't seen any updates yet.
  2. abbygale

    Happy Fathers Day to each.

    Thank you to all for helping me be a better father while enjoying the journey with my daughter.
  3. abbygale

    Small colleges - MPH

    This weekend my daughter and I went to a double header between last years conference champ and a middle of the conference team. Talking NAIA. During the first game, both pitchers topped out at 61. During the second game there was a total of four different pitchers used. The max speed in that...
  4. abbygale

    16 yo pushback critique

    I'm missing something. Living at 60 and can't get more. 6' w/6'6" drive. All constructive comments welcome. Heck, destructive comments are welcome if they'll get some more power out of her. :eek: Probably ought to start with I think she is doing them correct, but is she?
  5. abbygale

    What causes alligator arms

    on the front side of the circle? Is it a timing issue or what?
  6. abbygale

    Backswing and center of gravity.

    I have been playing in front of the mirror and if I get my center of gravity completely over my back leg before starting the backswing then my shoulders don't let the ball get trapped behind my back. If I let my COG stay between my legs when rapidly shifting weight then I can turn my...
  7. abbygale

    Daughter's AP classes do not allow extra credit work to count towards college grade

    I'm glad my daughter found this out before I shelled out the money for those classes to count towards her college grades in 2nd semester. Nothing worse than starting your college career with an 3.0 when a 3.4 is needed for playing time. Like I told her, continue taking the classes and then...
  8. abbygale

    Teach me about Bracket vs. Pool pitchers

    My kid has played travel since first year 12's (playing 18's now) and I have heard about this bracket vs. pool pitching before but I don't know that I've seen it in reality nor do I understand it. I am not talking about showcase - exhibition teams. I get what most are trying to accomplish in...
  9. abbygale

    Ground Force Reaction w/ catapult

    In my mind I finally see it coming in from the bottom right of the ribbon and leaving out the top right with a nice little bump at plant. When I watch the ball of the drive foot closely, I can see it start the force/power right up thru the leg and into the core. I'm either losing it, or it's...
  10. abbygale

    DD throwing tennis ball 4 mph faster

    Than regular 12" softball. If the mechanics are the same, would you say that the difference is in strength?
  11. abbygale

    Brush interference vs. releasing at front leg mechanics

    Her pc is a release out front advocate and now I'm not sure I agree. My dd has been taking a 6 week hiatus from her pitching coach and is frequently brushing her leg and releasing prior to her front leg now. Accuracy is fine, probably better now, but that is just a up/down thing anyway's. I...
  12. abbygale

    Am I the only one getting malware warnings on SNF thread

    Hitting Illus.... video or link is causing it there is another thread in the tech hitting having problems for the same reasons.
  13. abbygale

    The power of the unrelated pitching post - Help where you don't expect it

    My daughter started working on pre-load and overlap last night, and I immediately saw an issue which I was very familiar with before. When she would do the single rocker start with an arm swing, her glove hand/shoulder would turn forward and push everything towards her throwing arm side. Her...
  14. abbygale

    Is the shoulder used as a lever when driving out hard while using a backswing?

    Is the shoulder complex used as a lever when driving out hard while using a backswing? Does that even make sense? I didn't want to muck up Squeeze's thread about arm circle speed with this question. I was getting really lost in that discussion and find myself questioning my thoughts on the...
  15. abbygale

    Feedback wanted " 15 y.o - form at plant"

    My turn to share. One pitch on a just turned 15 y.o. Curious about other's thoughts on Lauren's mechanics and form at plant. It's a straight fastball. She's 6' for reference and uses a local PC for 2 years now. Sorry for the you-tube quality. I realize it is hard to view and I wish I...
  16. abbygale

    Cutting the arm circle shorter on the riseball

    Has anybody's daughter experienced a tingling in their fingertips when they start cutting their arm circle shorter on the riseball? By cutting, I am talking about more of a "upside down egg shape " appearing downswing thru whip and release on a riseball vs. a more circular downswing. My...
  17. abbygale

    How much break for a decent drop curve?

    I'm wondering what is considered good sharp sideways break on a drop curve once it bites. I'm asking about a late breaking pitch last 4-6'. Thank you.
  18. abbygale

    Downloading Embedded Model Pitchers help please

    How can I download the embedded files in the model pitchers thread and view them one step at a time? Thank you!
  19. abbygale

    How do you teach a new release point?

    My daughter is always releasing at the front 1/3 of her back hip and I would like to try and get her to start releasing sooner. I'm hoping that might increase the spin on her pitch. She gets pretty good 6-12 spin most of the time but it doesn't seem to spin as tight as it could. I say it's...
  20. abbygale

    Punkin' chunkin vs. Pitching

    How many of you thought about your daughters arm circle watching some of those? Going to have to send Boardmember out east next year as I don't recall seeing any internal rotation going on. And that one that threw part of his "lower forearm" ;);)...that is definitely an overuse injury.

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