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    Strike two, you're out?

    Saw this happen yesterday, and wonder if the ruling was correct. Batter took first pitch (thought it was a strike), swung at second, and umpire called strike on third pitch. So, she walked back to the dugout, thinking it was strike three. Apparently, ump called first pitch a ball, so count...
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    Runner on 1st and 3rd strategy

    So, either runner on 1st (attempting to steal on pitch) and 3rd, or runner on 3rd and batter walks (and continues on to second); where should defense throw the ball? My take; throw the ball directly to pitcher, forcing runners to commit (12U, chance of throwing runner at second out low)...
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    1 error or 2?

    Runners on first and second, popup to shallow LF. LF easily gets to ball for catch, but ball pops out of mitt. Picks up ball, throws to 3rd in plenty of time to record force out. Of course, third baseman misses catch (good throw), with ball rolling to fence. Had the third baseman recorded...
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    How should this one be ruled/

    Odd play happened this weekend at our 12U tournament. Girl on second, batter hits a pop up near second base. SS moves to make catch, but pulls up to avoid base runneer who is standing on second base. Pop fly actually hits runner on helmet. In this situation, can the base runner be called...
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    Illegal substituion?

    We had a pinch hitter going up to bat. On the first pitch (ball), runner on first stole second. Coach forgot to report sub, but does so after this first pitch; does this make the substitution legal; does failure to report negate the runner advancing if the other team would have protested...
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    Dead ball?

    Ok, this is a weird one that happened today (12U USA game). Batter hits a clean single to outfield, rounds first. Our player throws to first to get the runner, overthrows, and ball strikes a player from the other team that was "in the hole"; emerging from the dugout during the play to go to...
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    Should this be an error?

    In one of the college games yesterday (forget which one, maybe OU / Arkansas), there was a pop up in foul territory, 3rd base side. C and 3B converge in plenty of time; C yields, but at the last moment 3B backs away (she seemed afraid of a collision). Ball falls to ground between them...
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    Scoring question - bunt with runner at third

    As title says, runner at third, batter lays down bunt. It is not a suicide squeeze. Fielder looks back runner at third, throws to first and gets out. On the throw, runner from third scored. Should batter be credited with sacrifice and rbi? My thought is no sacrifice and rbi, because runner...
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    Rules for A / B team classification

    Our team is an ASA B registered first year 12U team; which is appropriate to our skill level. We have an opportunity to play in a fall tournament, which only has 4 teams thus far, half of whom we should be able to beat (i.e. weak field). This tournament is a USA / ASA qualifier with 2 bids...
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    Should this be an appeal, only?

    OK, here is the situation. Batter has a count of 3-2 (per PU and scoreboard). Next pitch, ball. Batter runs to first. Base Umpire runs in and yells "that is only ball 3", overruling PU. Other team thought it was ball four, our team thought it was ball four, but PU reverses call. Is this...
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    Roster rules

    We currently live in Illinois, but will be moving to Ohio at the end of the year. I would like my daughter to play on a team in the fall, then find a new team once we move. She is 16U eligible, but has an opportunity to play on an 18U team this fall (ASA, PGF sanctions). Question: if she is...
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    DP / FLEX question

    On the starting lineup, team uses the DP / FLEX; DP is batting 4th, FLEX listed on bottom of lineup card, so everything seems to be in order. When they take the field, their DP is pitching, and FLEX player is on bench, which confuses us. Is it necessary to report that they are switching the DP...
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    Courtesy runner appeal

    For ASA softball tournament: Opposing team's pitcher reached base, team ran out a courtesy runner. The courtesy runner was a player that had started in CF, but was subsequently subbed for and on the bench. Courtesy runner was standing on first base while pitcher back in dugout. Clearly, this...
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    Illegal substition question

    Batting out of order, not illegal substitution..... Haven't seen this exact scenario discussed: B4 makes the final out of the inning for the opposing team. Next inning, B4 bats first, gets on base. 1 pitch is thrown to B5 prior to timeout being called. With this situation, B4 is now legal...

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