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    Needing a new, custom catchers mitt. Thinking about getting a custom Marucci.

    I noticed that too. Marucci's custom glove building animations make the gloves look like cheap plastic. They need to work on that.
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    Needing a new, custom catchers mitt. Thinking about getting a custom Marucci.

    I noticed on the Marucci website for custom gloves, one option would be to go with the more expensive kip leather Capitol series (sold stock as a baseball glove) but go with the deeper pocket for fastpitch. I've never bought nor owned a kip leather glove. Has anyone here had any experience...
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    Needing a new, custom catchers mitt. Thinking about getting a custom Marucci.

    Yeah, this year's stock Murucci gloves are a honey color with white trim compared to last year's light gray. Looks nice. DD actually wanted a white color last year, but knew that white turns to gray as soon as you oil it or get it dirty, so the light gray was OK with her. Marucci did get rid of...
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    Needing a new, custom catchers mitt. Thinking about getting a custom Marucci.

    I'll add too that we found this video on how to break in gloves by Wilson's glove guru very helpful. https://www.youtube.com/embed/3i_x0neoseU
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    Needing a new, custom catchers mitt. Thinking about getting a custom Marucci.

    Gabby, my daughter has two Marucci gloves bought around Christmas last year. Both light gray (no custom, although they have nice custom options). She's plays both middle infield and outfield, so a 11.75" and a 12.5". The leather on the 11.75" was a little more supple than the 12.5" and it broke...
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    Power Carbon Feedback

    18-year old DD loves her F19 power carbon 33/-10. I don't think there are any physical changes for the F20. She likes the balance and sound, and she feels it provides the best pop off the sweet spot with an average swing out of all her bats (Ghost, 2 LXTs, Xeno, Quattro Pro, Mako, Stealth). Her...
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    2020 Mizuno Power Carbon Review

    I've posted this elsewhere. 18U DD just started using her 33/-10 power carbon a few weeks ago and loves it. Her first game swing was centerfield homerun (she's a line drive hitter not a homerun hitter). It is loud; kind of like a Xeno. It does provide more feedback than her LXT...which is kind...
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    Power Carbon updates?

    I bought my 18U DD a 2019 Power Carbon 33/-10 a few months ago but it sat in her bag because she's been liking her Louisville Slugger LXT 33/-9. She ran into some very good pitching over a week or two time and went into a mini slump. Yesterday, she warmed up with the Power Carbon to change...
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    2020 LXT

    DD's 2019 LXT developed a slight wobble at the connection. I'm curious if anyone has any experience with that being a warranty return? She loves her 2019 and looks like the 2020 isn't out yet, so we might be trying to time this whole thing to work with summer ball starting shortly.
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    How about that an illegal pitch!!!

    With Garcia and Fiser already dominant legally, imagine what they could do with a big replant! Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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    How about that an illegal pitch!!!

    You are describing "replanting" (double push off) with the trail leg which is illegal in NCAA, HS, and about every American orginazation not international. Replanting is the illegal action that can give the pitcher a huge advantage but can be difficult to catch in real time. Sent from my...
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    Travel Ball is Killing Rec Ball

    The stat "6.5% of HS players continue to play in the NCAA" is a meaningless trash stat when discussing travel/club ball players that play in college. DD is one of 3 players on the 13-player varsity roster that play year-round club ball. Add in JV and lower level HS players that will never play...
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    New L/S bat coming in June.....The RXT

    DD and I demoed the PXT at the L.S. complex in Peoria. It felt terrible compared to the LXT and Xeno. No exit speed figures to confirm, but who cares if it feels like a heavy rock with no bounce.
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    Georgia - Top 10 ranked - huh?

    How in the world is Georgia ranked 8/9? I just watched them get beat methodically by North Carolina at home. They've lost to Elon at home (WTH?), Virginia Tech at home, and Indiana at neutral site. Their signature win is...ummm....Virgina Tech at home. Non-conference is schedule is a full-on...
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    Seeding question

    If there aren't enough teams to form different classes and there's a mix of upper and lower level teams, this appeases the lower level teams who probably wouldn't play in the tournament if they knew they would get blown up and out right away by top level teams. For the top teams, the thought is...
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    Florida taking a beating

    I didn't see the game. Did they call any illegal pitches?
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    The fact that S. California only has 1 Power 5 softball program is pretty amazing. I mean, there's only one other P5 school, but still. That said. UCLA, to my eyes, looks like the best program in the country right now. FSU is close. Both teams have incredible hitting. UCLA's pitching staff...
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    The national landscape in softball has shifted eastward to the Southeast and Oklahoma. The PAC12 hasn't won a championship since 2011. Along with Perez, you would need to fire Heather Tarr and Mike Candrea too :) Competition in the sport has increased dramatically. It's simply much harder to...
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    Indiana vs LSU

    This. I was shocked by the number of errors committed (5) by LSU against Indiana. Hard to win with that.
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    Is the female multi-sport HS athlete a thing of the past?

    Homework and grades led to DD giving up basketball for just softball early in high school. Kids now have tons more homework than I ever did 30+ years ago. Her wanting to improve her softball skills over winter had role in that decision too.

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