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  1. abbygale

    Any miracles? Hitting hip: good pitcher to poor pitcher in 2 weeks

    If I was to attach a hula hoop representing a natural arm circle to this girl based on that hip/shoulder alignment, the circle would carry the ball to the rh side. Hence my question. The arm circle with stretch does not run parallel with the frontal plane of the body even though you can...
  2. abbygale

    Any miracles? Hitting hip: good pitcher to poor pitcher in 2 weeks

    It is the infamous twirling fire baton which is actually very common, as most dads can attest, and can be corrected via Java's writings.
  3. abbygale

    Any miracles? Hitting hip: good pitcher to poor pitcher in 2 weeks

    Are you referring to RH batters box when speaking of 5-10 left of home plate?
  4. abbygale

    13yr old pitcher analysis any suggestions

    I think she looks great and I also think her left foot is not contributing much.
  5. abbygale

    New coach wants to straighten arm

    Could it be possible that a tilted arm circle is the perceived issue?
  6. abbygale

    Illegal pitch?

    Dad gave up on her ever having a decent backswing and said let's just start here? I don't know if it's illegal or not but definitely one for the best of intentions book.
  7. abbygale

    Providence College

    I wonder if she is the same Dani as the little girl Dani pitching on youtube 8-10 years ago?
  8. abbygale

    Back at it, feedback appreciated!

    It is hard to beat Java's two-step for creating a initial sense of rhythm and sequence. Do it with a sense of cadence / musicality.one-two,,,one/two...one/two...
  9. abbygale

    What Daddy must bring when his DD pitches

    Kleenex. For either the tears of joy...or misery.
  10. abbygale

    Feedback appreciated as dd makes comeback

    She looks tight in the hips. I would video her reducing her foot turnout to 1/2 of what it is and video it and see if there is a difference in how her body/glutes/hams respond to her drive and whether she can get extension in her hips.
  11. abbygale

    Feedback appreciated as dd makes comeback

    I would start my investigation with hip flexors and driving in the dm thread.
  12. abbygale

    Are we on the right track?

    I love her squeal at the end lol. Good times.
  13. abbygale

    Drills for improving timing

    Wow! This one is even more brutal (in a great way) than your jump back. fall forward, drive during the backswing. This is pure GOLD! And I loved the other one.
  14. abbygale

    My hand hurts

    I love this one also. Especially with a palmguard glove and a hard thumb protector.
  15. abbygale

    Whip improvement

    I think she looks fantastic. I love her whip. Just for giggles I would let her try driving straight out as she currently does and have the stride foot cross over a little to the right just before plant. Maybe 5 inches. Still have hips/shoulders land at current landing angle. I'm betting her...
  16. abbygale

    Frustration with Glove Swim

    I like her glove. Watch the drive leg kneecap get turned rearward (no problem) and stay there until after the ball passes thru (oops). If it gets turned more forward before the arm gets to her steering wheel/hip she will have a better position for naturally achieving brush, in addition the...
  17. abbygale

    control problems/drive leg finish

    To me, it looks like she is just swinging the ball thru vs throwing.
  18. abbygale

    How to fix the dreaded "Butt Out" disease?

    Does this child have full range of motion in their shoulders? If you suspect otherwise, start with a visit to the family physician. The shoulder should be a silky smooth joint which is along for the ride not a corroded u-joint on the end of a bent driveshaft.
  19. abbygale

    How to fix the dreaded "Butt Out" disease?

    Probably because they haven't hurt themselves (yet) and no one has caught it, or realizes what they are seeing... Mine would probably still have it if Java hadn't pointed it out in a private video and hers was mild compared to some I see. And you're right. It took some serious PT to correct.
  20. abbygale

    How to fix the dreaded "Butt Out" disease?

    This is an old thread but I didn't see any comments regarding a shoulder impingement which can prevent the body from working in the proper motion. If she is coming up the front side of the circle in a handshake position and maintaining that handshake position without letting the shoulder...

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