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    What is the goal to all of this?

    I'm wondering the same thing. My daughter plays Rec ball for a organization here in Pittsburgh but doesn't want to commit to a travel team that plays 10 to 15 tournaments between summer and fall. I keep getting asked by other coaches and organizations why she won't try out ( plus she is a pretty...
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    "Looking for one...."

    From what I'm hearing from parents who's daughters play travel ball the number of teams have almost doubled from last year.
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    Pittsburgh Penn Hills Tournament

    Please join us for Fastpitch divisions in 8U, and 12U only! Dates: Friday, August 23rd Saturday, August 24th and Sunday, August 25th *Note* Due to school's starting this week and High School football kicking into gear, we will take volunteers only for Friday night games. Cost: $175 per team...

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