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    Correcting pitcher during game

    IME just one or two cues and not all the time. My DD's hitting coach said "you put the hay in the barn long before you get to the batters box" You can't make big changes in the box...and similarly with sounds like you're putting the hay in the barn between games. Go out and...
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    Fun and Competitive Practice Drills/Games

    Here are a few options. When doing “games” in practice we tried to encourage hustle, competitiveness, teamwork, “thinking”. Worried less about proper form/techniques since those were worked on in other aspects of practice and we hoped to see the executed in the “game” -Running relay: half of...
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    Small hand glove help.

    My DD is now in college and a P. She used VELO three finger glove for the longest time when she was younger. She doesn't have large hands. In HS we got her a Rawlings HoH custom glove. I believe it was 12" may have been 11.75" Once she adapted to the Rawlings it was just fine. She started...
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    Where Have All the Pitchers Gone?

    When DD was younger her hitting coach talked to her and said if you want to be a P you'll need to work on some aspect of your game beyond the team practice. Somewhere you'll miss fielding or pitch. It will be you're responsibility. He said pitching is a sport within a sport...
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    Showcase Events - rules and etiquette for parents

    In CO this year. 18U mom went over to the Triple Crown site folks (they were there to take care of college coaches, umpires, water for umps, balls etc). One game was running long. A mom from the next game that was delayed came over and chewed them out...demanding they end the game because...
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    10U Coach Giving Take Sign on 3-0 Count

    food for thought.....3-0 count. It is not about taking or swinging but teaching discernment. 3-0 count batter is looking for something they can drive hard...our thought is "nothing but a double" with a 3-0 count. Teach plate discipline and approach-this has to happen at practice/lessons. And...
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    Umpire not calling the game by the rules and no protests

    And one of the nicest people you'll meet as well as being a talent.
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    Infield fly rule

    thinking this through, IFF...runners can advance at their own peril....the runners couldn't have advanced on a uncaught foul ball. If they had what would the umps have done then?
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    "Don't like the Blue's call?" or "Do you want to be an umpire!?"

    Good luck. Thanks for jumping in. You'll be great. And....maybe further the game in a positive direction with your knowledge and prior experiences.
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    Pitching at Stanford Super Regional

    What a great game to watch. MM was dealing. It looked like her drop was pinpoint accurate on either side of the plate. My DD loves watching her pitch. Confident and calm are our descriptions of her. Well except for the last HR she hit in the regionals!! Her smile is infectious. I think...
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    Pitching at Stanford Super Regional

    We are biased, in that we're OSU fans, but she's probably one of the most underrated/unrecognized P5 pitchers in the country. She just shows up and goes to work. Calm cool collected. Her smile is infectious. Same with Coach Berg. Most people don't know who she is either, 4x medal winning...
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    Politics in College Ball

    "I do like hearing others’ POV as well. Helps me to understand why some things might be done the way they are." I'm not hung up on stats. Our HS team uses GC as many of the other teams in our area. Ours just doesn't have them live during the contest. We are playing our rival so I was viewing...
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    Batting Helmet Mask-Ball in Face.

    Quoting Ken B. $8.00 ball, $450 dollar bat, $45 dollar mask.....Million dollar face......
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    Kids these days.....

    Not saying bad behavior is acceptable. Individual players have different ways of dealing with bad plays etc. We had a plan for our team called C.H.I.L.L. Catch yourself. How are you feeling? Intentional Anchor (finding that anchor some talk in gloves, some turn around, some pick up some dirt...
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    Prescription Glasses

    We used a pair of oakleys with corrective lenses. We had a set of RX sunglass lenses we could swap out. Definately not a cheap way of doing things. Made all the difference in the world for DD. We graduated to contact lenses and put the non RX lenses back in the oakleys.
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    The Mercy Rule

    I appreciate this perspective.
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    Drop rate between Freshman year of school and travel ball

    This is what good TB players do. You can't control your teammates effort or execution in HS but you can use 5-6 days a week to get better at YOUR skills. Also to those players complaining about being moved positions. In HS you might have to play somewhere else. We had a D1 STUD outfielder...
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    LSU player that fouled ball into own face versus Alabama last weekend

    batter did not have face guard on her helmet when took foul ball
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    LSU player that fouled ball into own face versus Alabama last weekend

    I don't think she was back on the field on Sunday. She was still in the dugout IIRC The 2B was playing with a girls lacrosse face mask because she took a bad hop GB in practice earlier that week and broke her nose as well. Two players in one week on the same team with broken noses.
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    Snacks,meals,drinks for tournaments, What are some ideas?!?

    fruit! watermellon squares, grapes, PBJ, deli meat, pepperoni slices (not jerky but the slices that go on pizza), nuts, luna bars and cliff bars

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