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    Being best player on bad team, or bench player on good team?

    “Competing for 2nd base” means she won’t be the starter.
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    WCWS trip tips

    Don’t forget the American Banjo Museum while you’re there!
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    Not the best start for Jordy Bahl

    Yet, teams keep going back.
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    Not the best start for Jordy Bahl

    It's her knee:
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    Not the best start for Jordy Bahl

    Did she hit a batter as well?
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    Not the best start for Jordy Bahl

    She wasn’t terrible, but she didn’t shut down Washington like I thought she might. I’m sure she’ll have better outings and I hope her injury is minor...
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    What percentage of coaches (Rec, HS, TB, College) are great, good, fair, bad, absolutely horrible

    I agree, for the most part, but having knowledge available doesn’t always mean being able to teach it.
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    LSU's Tori Edwards no stranger to the weight room

    That’s pretty awesome.
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    WA 10u LL coach here

    Hello there from Seattle proper.
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    MAKE A LIST~ fp Pitchers who can throw 70mph

    I believe Taran Avelo, Washington, could hit 70. She’s definitely the fastest I’ve ever seen in person.
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    My Kid!

    Great story. So, how many girls were in her wedding? Like 50?
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    POLL~ Have you watched MENS FASTPITCH?

    The first time I ever saw fastpitch was men playing on the school field by my grandmother’s house in Peterson, Minnesota. This would have been in the late '70s or early '80s. I had never hear of it and found it very strange. I think I was pulling for the timber company over the feed company.
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    The Spring Games 2024

    What? Dang, I missed that. I
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    How much do D1 colleges spend on softball?

    Some interesting, if a little bit dated, numbers here. There’s probably a correlation between Oklahoma spending the most money and having the best program. Meanwhile, Maryland Eastern Shore is still looking for 2024 graduates to sign...
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    Tournament formats - Everyone gets a ring

    Yeah, it’s terrible more girls get to play more games.
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    Hello from Rome, Italy

    Welcome Guido! I love the Eternal City! I got to see some of Team Italy play a few months ago in Vancouver, Canada. I’m still kicking myself that I did not ask to get a picture of myself with some of the players when I had a chance. Stupido, stupido!
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    Maybe we're in the wrong sport

    I thought for girls it was ice hockey?
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    POLL~ does Fastpitch need more effective pitchers?

    Post of the year right here.

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