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    Cost of college and scholarships

    No kidding! That will be us next year. DD has a D1 deal where academics cover a certain amount of tuition, and athletic covers the rest of tuition, books, fees, and most of room and board. I say 'most' because there is a stipend involved and the percent it covers is up to what she spends for...
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    Drop Dead Game Strategy

    That's complete BS. I know PGF does that but those are true practice games where nobody cares about the outcome. Had one last summer end bottom of the inning, bases juiced, two outs, great batter over. But the score had no impact to anything. As was said. Make sure you are the...
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    Sparkler review $$$

    True. Although I still saw some real shots, so I thought of them as Honest balls. They really had to square one up to get it out, just like the old days. No cheapies. CO on the other hand... I think TCS put Flubber on the balls, plus thin air, plus most games were called with really tight...
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    POLL~ about QUITING during the...

    Most I have seen have been after the weekend. The soonest was immediately after being eliminated from a national tourney. It was about playing time in the summer. P5 Player who had already graduated, so I guess they decided the travel wasn't worth it for the next month. I felt bad she...
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    Sparkler review $$$

    Replying to myself here, with another year behind us. The skills camp that I mentioned in the older post resulted in multiple offers, one of which DD accepted fall of jr year and a year later she is now signed. Between then she moved up to the 18u National team. Their Sparkler was much...
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    31/21 moving to 32/22 or 32/23

    It's a good point about actual weight vs label. In 12u, DD had a -11 xeno. Actual weight? -9.5. She went straight from the 31-11 Xeno to a 33-10 Demarini with no problem. The Demarini was actual weight and more balanced. No one answer applies here. The player, actual weight, and...
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    Riseball physics and the Media?

    I'm in the minority with you RH. I enjoy the broadcasts for the reasons you mentioned even if I know that the pitch that just hit the top of the zone with topspin was a missed drop, not a rise.
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    #1 Attribute: "Want It" The kids that Want It the most MAKE themselves successful over time.
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    Deciding between 3 gloves

    DD got a Liberty Advanced 12" as her first "real" glove halfway thru 7th grade. Played it until midway thru junior year when it started getting floppy where balls would kind of bend the web back. Lots of games on that one and it performed really well at 3rd, SS, P and numerous diving outfield...
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    Teacherman propeller bat

    Honestly when I first saw the thread title I thought it said "Teacherman propeller hat" Oops. Was really confused for a bit (nothing new there, just ask DD).
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    Camwood Program

    Definitely following... Hope she can get back into it. Interested in the results and timeline and especially observations along the way.
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    HOH Customs

    Sweet! Those both look like they will absolutely swallow a ball. Thanks for the pics!
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    Prism or CF?

    Almost got DD2 into a Whisper recently after trying out a bunch. Was in the final 2 but the GA won out. Oh well. Prism was DQ'd early. DD1 is going to a Demarini school in the fall so I am interested to see what she ends up liking.
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    Prism or CF?

    I see more of the new Prisms than the old one, but nowhere near as many as the CFs. Last years black and gold CF is a favorite around here, especially for the power hitters. There are a few white/blue or black/blue 2023s, but not as many. The 2022s are still rockin'. I think people keep...
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    Rawlings glove question

    Shocker... You should do this weekly. 😝 Should we take it as a sign you have a glitter kit?
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    Rawlings glove question

    The REAL question is how shiny is the Gold? Still shiny or dull tan now?
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    16u vs 18u

    Yikes. Sounds like a tough year. We haven't run into much of this. DD played a two summers and the year between in 16u and is now in her 2nd year of 18u. How many and what kind of coaches show depends more on the team than which level. DDs 16u teams were good, with plenty of D1 players but...
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    Small hand glove help.

    Posted here...
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    Guess the glove...

    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner. 1975 Pedroia Fit.
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    Guess the glove...

    Ha! Model, not series. The flag stamp was a must. The flag patch is disappointingly small.

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