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    Hip or Knee issue when pitching

    Hey, thanks for the vid. I can see the turning vs driving in this. She'll also get a kick out of seeing the side by side!!
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    Hip or Knee issue when pitching

    Is this basically saying, "keep your butt tight" through the landing/FSR portion of the pitch?
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    Hip or Knee issue when pitching

    The drag marks do not strike me as particularly deep. They do extend, in my opinion, too far toward 1st base. When she first started we fought the "bowling" leg or monkey butt issue and have tried to rein the drag foot back toward the powerline.
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    Hip or Knee issue when pitching

    From the side its not as noticeable. But you can still kind of see the drag knee turning inside. Is it over rotation of the hips??
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    Hip or Knee issue when pitching

    Hello. Long time listener... first time caller. My daughter is a 12u pitcher and we have recently started having issues with the back (drive leg) knee/hip internally rotating and going behind the plant leg knee. I don't know if it is a by product of her trying to get her hips out of the...
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    Rookie Here!

    Just found this site and 100 things I've been doing wrong!! Lots of great info here. Got a 10u (feels like 30u sometimes) DD that has been pitching for about a year now. She's better than me though... I'm the one that needs to read the parent's psychology sections.

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