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    How bout them apples?

    "My boy's wicked smaht!"
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    College DP / Flex Rule

    I have a good friend who was a P5 umpire, now retired. It was his first trip to Michigan. Hutch approaches him and tries to make illegal changes during the game. He says he knows right away it's illegal and wonders how she's going to handle it. She got in his face "Are you telling me what I...
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    Best pricing on Catcher's Bags? (No Errors, Demarini, Mizuno, Boombah)

    I work with catchers as my job and easily the Commander is the best bag I see. Plenty of space, really good wheels and balance, and yes the zippers seem to be the best/most durable.
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    Clearwater Invitational

    We were sitting very close to each other. I was on field 8, directly under the tree on the RF side, the 2nd to last set of bleachers. Very good place to watch the games. Talking to fans sitting around me who have been multiple years in a row, they all had the same thoughts. The tournament has...
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    Catcher's Training

    How close to Raleigh are you? I have a trainer there who caught at NC State and gives lessons in the area. Feel free to send a direct message if you prefer.
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    How do you explain when...

    #1 rule of a hitting coach....don't turn a .400 hitter into a .200 hitter.
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    World Softball Coaches’ Convention

    The Cherry Hill NJ clinic is called Be The Best. It's now in Wilmington, North Carolina though. It was bought out and now one of the assistants at UNCW runs it, Diego Ibarra. I believe they're running both a baseball and softball convention at the same time, again.
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    World Softball Coaches’ Convention

    Are you talking about Mohegan Sun? It's normally a good one. I looked online at their presenters and it looks like a pretty good lineup. If you have a chance to go, I'd do it. Brandon Elliot from Virginia Wesleyan is real good. Cassie Riley-Boccia from SSA played at Alabama and has developed a...
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    What Drives Winning- Brett Ledbetter

    I'm a big fan of Brett and WDW. The original book and WDW Teams are my favorites. I've done many of his handouts/worksheets with different teams, and I also went through the WDW Environments workshop. Really good stuff! The clinic videos are always great!
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    Hitting Approach - Mental

    Love it, Cannonball! We preach on game day that before you step in the box, you take one long breath and have one final thought. Your thought cannot be on a swing mechanic, only something positive, aggressive and competitive.
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    Fielding lessons

    Nate Trosky and Lou Colon. Can't get much better than those guys when it comes to fundamental positioning.
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    Gotta love turf

    Living where we're under a winter storm warning this weekend...I would absolutely love a turf infield/outfield. We got 3" of snow two days ago, and who knows how much is coming this weekend. My field is an absolute mess and will be for a while.
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    For HS Coaches: Daily Attendance %

    I've been a HS coach for over 20 years. In places where HS ball means something. Yes, there are reasons to miss a practice here and there...but they are pretty few. 100% has always been our expectation, and the majority of the time, that's what its been. Also yes, there are consequences for...
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    Our tryouts start Monday (3/7). We'll go M/Tu/Wed with Thurs used for anything extra that coaches need to see and Friday will be the 1st team practices. There's a chance of rain/snow 3 days next week, so we'll be stuck in a gym. Hopefully we get out before our first scrimmage on the 18th. We...
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    POP times...

    She gets her right foot down quick. Good actions!
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    POP times...

    Probably going to start a fire, then bail out of here, but that's ok. For all the "my 14 year old has a 1.65 pop" coaches/dads out there...sorry, probably not. ;)
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    Arm care

    Alan Jaeger arm care J-Band routine. Download his free pdf, get a J-Band and do them before she throws, every time. Alan is one of the best in the business. J-Band Softball Exercise pdf
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    High school hall of fame:

    I haven't been at Cobden since 2012, but they gave me my start. That place will always be special! It's amazing the little things that they remember that end up being so memorable. Congrats again, man!
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    High school hall of fame:

    Congrats @Cannonball! A few years ago I was inducted into Cobden's Athletic HOF, with our 2008, 2009, and 2010 Championship teams. We all had similar conversations to the ones you described. You remember the great victories, the toughest defeats, and then it's the bus rides, post game meals...
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    3-Wheel Pitching Machines

    @Lemond I run the dimples out of my HA jr. They fly pretty true and move like they're supposed to depending on how you set up the machine. I've tried a few different leather balls, but with any seam at all, it's tough to get any consistency with the ball flight.