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    Severs Protocol

    My DD and some of her teammates have experienced different types of foot and ankle pain. From my experience it's not always related to the shoes and inserts. Our issues related to her core strength (or lack there of). When pitching she was over compensating with other body parts due to a lack of...
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    Saw the top-ranked 2027 player this weekend

    We just ended our HS season with the coach throwing 1 primary pitcher 119 innings. There were games that we were leading by many runs and the coach would not sub her out. The team had at least 2 other fairly good pitchers. Now we are starting our travel ball season and she is out with shoulder...
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    Even the losers are happy in college softball

    The cheering has been engrained in softball culture. My DD is a fairly quiet person, but stays active in watching the game. However she is constantly being reminded by her coach to keep cheering for the pitcher when she is not on the field. She said it is exhausting for her to keep that up, but...
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    Not sure if this is for Rec ball or travel. If Rec ball, I would call them evaluations, and you are really just trying to make sure the teams are evenly matched. We generally ran all the girls through the following stations when we had large groups. For 8U, you need to keep them moving because...
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    Parents: leave your child alone when she pitches.

    My DD is giving pitching lessons to young girls just learning. One of the dads just can't stop telling their DD what to do during the lesson. Afterwards she reminded me of basketball games where they had designated quiet games. The only thing allowed was clapping and coaches could only instruct...
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    Pitchers parents

    The only thing I can say about this is that I think we've all been there. My DD had 6 or 7 pitches in 10U, and now that she's in 16U she only has 4 :ROFLMAO:
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    Does the brand matter?

    What is most important for us is the quality of the teams in the tournament. If you have great teams and good competition the sanctioning org for the tournament is less important.
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    Youth Glove vs Adult Glove Question (Rawlings Liberty Advanced)

    You'll probably get some great glove advice from glove experts here. My 2 cents is that Liberty is to expensive and more glove than an 8 year old needs. You'll have plenty of things to use that money over the coming years. Also don't steam the glove. You'll should work it with a mallet, ball and...
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    For newer subscribers it is less of an increase. I paid $50 about 1.5 years ago for the annual membership. Seems like they are catching everyone up to the updated price. I looked and a new premium membership if you sign up for the first time was $75.
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    Helping a quiet kid

    My DD is now 15 and has similar challenges. Some people are just more introverted and it requires a conscious effort to speak up. Fortunately she is on a team with a coach that recognizes not all kids are the same. He appreciates the quiet hard workers, but also encourages them to speak up more...
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    New NFS time between inning rule

    Where I see it mostly enforced is during tournaments where many games are played on the same field the whole day and it's not drop dead, but no new. The ripple effect of delays from morning to evening can add up.
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    New NFS time between inning rule

    I have been hearing more comments on speeding up the game this past year. I don't know if anyone listens to the 7 Inning Podcast, but the ladies in the last episode dedicated several minutes to this. They felt college games were getting too long and discussed options like reducing the number of...
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    Best softball home inventions

    I feel like I have seen something like this on Paisleyspitching instagram or another pitching coaches sight.
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    Value of staying on JV

    My DD went through a similar challenge last year. As a freshman pitcher I knew there was a chance she may make varsity, but I was thinking she may not see a lot of innings. Figured it may be better to be on JV one season and get a lot of reps. In the end she didn't get picked up for JV. Our...
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    Best softball home inventions

    I was thinking Gorilla Glue may be a good choice because it expands. I am getting a new glove for my DD in about 4-6 weeks and was going to make a new one. I'll borrow from your ideas.
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    Best softball home inventions

    I did something similar but used a threaded bolt as I was afraid the glue my not hold. I get pretty violent with that thing :)
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    Where to watch College games

    I think UCLA's tournament is free (for now) via Pac12 app. I was able to watch yesterday's game without having account. Also St. Pete Clearwater will be in ESPN(s).
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    Hello from Indiana

    Yeah, I don't miss the winters :) I guess there is a reason I moved out west.
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    Hello from Indiana

    I grew up in Anderson. Now I am on the west coast. I still miss the green of the midwest.
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    Sometimes my DD is exasperating.

    This thread is making me feel better that it's not only me dealing with these situations. I mean I can guess that others have the same challenges, but it's nice to see real examples of the exact same behavior.