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    8u player swinging halfway

    So I've coached 8u for a few years now, and I've had 5 and 6 year olds swing part way and have their bat stop due to lack of strength. But this year, I've got an 8 year old that in practice swings through and drives the ball, but come game time, swings until contact and stops like she's afraid...
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    Montana Fouts

    I'm a work so I can't post video, but was watching the SEC tournament last night and couldn't get over how she makes pitching look so effortless. Anyone else notice this? I was thoroughly impressed and kind of amazed, especially considering she's a freshman. Anyone with more pitching...
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    GoPro Hero 7 White maiden voyage tomorrow last minute tips?

    So Santa brought this softball dad a GoPro Hero 7 White, and I ordered my Lynk Spyder right after Christmas (it showed up super fast, thanks!) and I think I've overcome my technological stupidity and have it set up right. I've followed the prior threads' advice to the best of my ability. DD...
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    At What Age Do Bats Make a Discernable Difference?

    So I'm an analytic and an overthinker. My daughter is 9, turns 10 in January. She's played rec and all star tournament ball, and is now starting travel ball. Throughout the seasons, I have had her try different bats that teammates' parents spent a lot of money for and I haven't seen much if...
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    Travel Team in Rec League Tournaments, why?

    This might end up being pretty long, but I'll try to shorten it up. Just finished up playing in an 8U "B" level rec league all star tournament with 10 teams in it. 9 of the 10 teams were made up of the best girls from the local rec organization, practiced together for a couple weeks, then went...
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    Looking to start a 10u travel team, am I crazy?

    A little background: This is the 3rd year we've had a rec league in my area period for softball. 1st year had 2 8U teams and 0 10U. 2nd year had 3 8U teams and 1 10U. This year we have 3 8U teams and 2 10U. We have 3 other small rec leagues in our area that total with us 7 8U teams and 5...

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