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    F20 Power Carbon (Core Softball)

    Just wanted to say thanks to Core softball. New bat came in today for dd. She is 9 has pro ably hit 3 or 4 buckets of balls into the net. Pouring the rain herw in ENC. I can her the crack of the bat as I type this. Cant tell but I think it will be a big difference from her CF Zen. Thanks...
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    Distance you travel to your travel team.

    She isn't outgrowing the team for now. I could see it possubly happening in the future though. On the other hand I wonder if we should seek a true 8U, 2010 team so she is with her age group at this young age.
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    Distance you travel to your travel team.

    I guess since I asked I can answer as well. My DD is 8 on a 10U team because it is close and was originally going to be 1 tournament a month. That has turned into 2 or close to it anyway. They are a B team but The more I read here the more I am pretty sure we are a C team. This is their...
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    Distance you travel to your travel team.

    What distances are folks traveling to their TB team practices. I know in some parts of the country TB is huge and you don't have to go to far. Here in eastern NC it seem you could travel a long way (1-2 hrs)for certain age groups or better teams to fit your daughters skill or development. My...
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    Travel Ball is Killing Rec Ball

    Wow..... I just read through all 9 pages of this thread. Gotta commend you on striking a nerve with these folks. My DD and I are new to the travel game she 8 on a 10U team. Didn't play college anything but I was in the NFL with the Cowboys for 5 years .......................... Do you...
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    ISO Composite Bat for 8U Player

    She currently has a decent LS lower end composite bat. It is a -13 I believe. I am looking at the CF bats now pretty hard because I am reading how balanced they are. Definatley going to be a -11. I dont think she can handle a -10. She makes good contact and hits the ball well just think a...
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    ISO Composite Bat for 8U Player

    Looking for a Demarini or Mizuno. 30/19 -11 For my 8 year old daughter. Not looking to spend a ton since she's still growing.

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