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    Swing Feedback

    DD switched to lefty one year ago. 1st video is from the first day as a lefty. Other 2 are some recent tee swings. Looking for some feedback and suggestions on things too work on. Have come a long way but still a long way to go. https://youtu.be/QAx_90thY7g https://youtu.be/v23Kwyy2lQk...
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    10u dd converted lefty

    Dd was converted to lefty over the winter with the idea that long term she may wind up as a slapper but wanted her to learn how to hit lefty as well. She has worked hard and come a long way but still has a long way to go. This is a recent game swing. What areas would you work on first? We...
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    Anyone have video of.....

    Bailey Landry slap home run from the regionals. I saw the highlight on ESPN tv but can't find it online. I want to show it to my 10 year old recently converted slapper. Thanks
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    How much backswing is too much?

    I am in the process of converting my DD from HE to IR. After reading Java's drive mechanics and Boardmembers stickies we are starting over completely. One question I have is about back swing. My DD has very long arms with very flexible shoulders. The picture below is from this spring when she...
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    Trying to convert DD to IR

    DD is a 10u player that has only been taught HE. Unfortunately I have not been able to find any local PC who teaches IR so I am trying to teach her using the information on this board. We have been using boardmember's drills to have IR catches for a few weeks. Took a video of her first attempt...

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