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    Right in the goods!

    The best purchase a bucket Dad can make.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bucket-Seat-For-Coaches-Catching-Baseball-or-Softball-/280812219081
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    Coaches, tell me how you handle pool play.

    Here's a batting order tactic I use for pool play. Call it the "wheel" lineup. It's designed to get everyone the same number of plate appearances. 1. Pick the "best" batting order for the first game in pool play with everyone in the lineup. High average leads off, good bunter second, power...
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    USA Rule Change on Time Limits

    I see what you're saying, but at least there isn't a situation where if you are down a run, the home team is stalling, and the game ends. After the time runs out, teams can get back to simply playing ball. I hope next proposal will be a 5 minute time limit, finish the inning, and then play...
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    USA Rule Change on Time Limits

    Is this approved as a 2018 rule change? I hope this ends the stalling and racing that can happen with the time running out.
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    Another way to look at it is that the USSSA rule is expecting a runner to avoid coming closer to a fielder than a step and a reach away to avoid interference since the runner cannot anticipate whether the ball will be fielded cleanly or not. That's a pretty wide berth to expect, IMO.
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    Leave DD alone

    Sideline coaches - ugh! Ever notice that they have nothing to say when the pitcher is throwing strikes and getting batters out? It's only the occasional balls in the dirt that prompt the "coaching" even though the player is using the same mechanics - just didn't execute as well. I'm with ya...
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    Restrictions on Courtesy Runner when using DP/FLEX?

    If you have only 10 players on the lineup card and are using the DP/Flex, then no, you cannot have a courtesy runner. ;-) Maybe that was the situation?
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    Tagging up from 3rd

    It's also important for ALL baserunners to tag up on a foul fly ball regardless of how deep it is with less than two outs. A lot of times you can catch the fielder with the ball sleeping or have 3B or home uncovered after the catch.
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    How far is to far to give up the base?

    I was partially joking. The point is that it's the defense that put themselves in a bad situation (runner on 3rd, pitch in the dirt). A good defensive play will be needed to get out it unscathed - (quick recognition and tag or a hard throw, catch, throw, catch, tag with F3)
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    How far is to far to give up the base?

    Catch the third strike! :-)
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    Softball In Alaska

    Uh Oh. Is this thread going to degrade into a snorkel / no snorkel argument? :D
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    Question about dues....

    Do you have a pole barn? *sorry, couldn't resist*
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    This is how you take bad tryout news with class

    And you can be the best softball player in the country and be a "nightmare" to have on the team. I'll take the kid who sucks every time!
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    What's the Score?

    Actually isn't the official score 12-4? Game should have ended when the second run scored in the bottom of the 5th due to the run ahead rule.
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    Hitting Issues

    I suggest two things. A comfortable folding chair placed strategically beyond the fence in right field and a big bag of sunflower seeds. Watch and enjoy her enjoyment from there and if you feel yourself going crazy, shove a handful of seeds in your mouth.
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    Ball in circle

    The runners can keep running, correct? For instance on a walk, if the pitcher has control of the ball int the circle and the batter runner reaches first, the LBR is in effect, but the runner can continue without stopping to second (or third or home). Once the runner stops, they must...
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    Myth of the A/B/C teams

    One option which is used in other sports is a system with relegation like they use in European soccer. So teams sign up as whatever classification they want (A, B, C, D, etc). Then as tournaments are held, teams play only within their classification. At the end of the tournament, the teams...
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    Making hitting lineup

    If the first pitch hitters are smacking line drives and hard hit grounders - they aren't hurt by the quality at bat. A first pitch pop-up is, though. I agree that QAB is an excellent measure of hitting success. The one drawback is that it doesn't measure power hitting. That's where OPS...
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    The DFP Super Platinum Elite Team T-shirt

    For the logo - who can draw a pole barn?
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    The DFP Super Platinum Elite Team T-shirt

    Just a tweak to the already good ideas: DFP 6U Premier Diamond Elite Platinum Showcase Slogan: "Full Ride before they can Drive" or "Full Ride right out of the Stroller"

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