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  1. ifubuildit

    Albert Pujol's Unsual Grip

    This is a prime example Of a major league player not knowing what he does when he swings. Pujols was on baseball tonight talking about how he grips the bat and he was telling Harold Reynolds that he lines his knocker knuckles up when he grips the bat. Obviously he doesnt do that based on what...
  2. ifubuildit

    Hitting coaches' philosophy beyond hitting mechanics

    Hi Dan I have really been too busy to spend time on any bulletin board. I thought I would stop in and see whats going on in here since its been a while. Hope to get up your way again this year in the fall. Dana.
  3. ifubuildit

    Hitting coaches' philosophy beyond hitting mechanics

    Instruction I find it interesting that no one in the thread has mentioned past results of an instructor. Obviously Howard Carrier has a large number of students out playing softball that are very successful. That alone should tell you his instruction is both valid and valued in his area of the...
  4. ifubuildit

    breathing, pitching

    Teach your daughter how to breathe deeply all the way into the stomach. Not just the chest. This will deliver more oxygen into the blood stream and she will stay stronger while she is pitching. One of the cues I tell my pitchers just before they throw the ball is Take a Deep Breath. When you...
  5. ifubuildit

    How to break sidearm habit?

    Fixing the Side arm problem AK go look at what I just wrote in the "Chicken Wing' Thread about the Perfect Circle. It will help your daughter with this problem too. Dana Maggs Excel Hitting and Pitching
  6. ifubuildit

    Chicken Winging

    Chicken winging as I define it is the arm and elbow coming away from the body during the last quarter of the windmill (Just prior to release). This is not good for any pitcher. It puts a lot of strain on the elbow and shoulder and will eventually lead to bursitis or tendonitis in the elbow or...
  7. ifubuildit

    Weighted Balls

    Weighted balls - NEVER EVER These are a disaster for a pitcher. I dont care what age we are discussing. In the younger pitchers your putting their growth plates at risk by using a weighted ball. In the older girls your going to put strain on the shoulder complex. Without going into a anatomy...
  8. ifubuildit

    Do you intentionally involve the scapula as a part of the radius of the windmill?

    Intentional or not Your going to use those muscles when you pitch. Just that action of bringing the hands down will activate the scapula complex. So, the question becomes if you know your going to use them should you work on making them stronger? I know what my response would be to this...
  9. ifubuildit

    stepping out

    Gvm Need a little more detail here. What age are we talking about and how long has she been in front of live pitching? The bucket drill suggested by SB will help but if she is afraid of the ball there isnt a bucket in the world that will stop her from stepping out if she puts her mind to it in...
  10. ifubuildit

    Dipping Shoulder

    Softball the only issue with this approach is that your ingraining a muscle memory pattern of keeping the shoulders level to contact. You dont want that pattern. You have to have some lateral tilt going into contact dependent on the position of the ball coming in. More for the outside pitch...
  11. ifubuildit

    SB swing -VS- BB swing

    Tom for gods sake man its Thanksgiving. I am going to get sick enough just eating and you post a Mankin vid on THT? Happy Thanksgiving :)
  12. ifubuildit

    SB swing -VS- BB swing

    Hope you and yours have a great Thanksgiving too.
  13. ifubuildit

    Its Thanksgiving in the USA.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope you get to enjoy the day with friends and family. Be safe if your on the road.
  14. ifubuildit

    help with "partial sidearm"

    Rick I would agree about the straight arm. I would disagree with you about the prior to 12:00 comment but I understand where your coming from with it. If you watch her she takes her ball hand from her right side over to her left as the glove and hand come up. This puts her hand and ball behind...
  15. ifubuildit

    SB swing -VS- BB swing

    If I knew how to insert vids and pix into these screens I would, but I cannot figure out how to do it.
  16. ifubuildit

    SB swing -VS- BB swing

    Rich, Any drill is only as good as its intent and then it should be performed in the right way. By that I mean you or your student could do the drill and if its sloppy its not going to accomplish what you desire with your student. With any drill I use this rule and it falls along the lines of...
  17. ifubuildit

    help with "partial sidearm"

    Ken I agree she has balance issues and what your stating is correct. When I look at this vid there are some much deeper issues with her windmill that concern me in terms of consistent delivery to the plate with the ball.
  18. ifubuildit

    Dipping Shoulder

    What would you hope to accomplish with this method of instruction? If she is popping the ball up because of a swing flaw with the back elbow you can do this till your blue in the face and she will still pop the ball up. If your teaching someone to hit a rise ball I might agree.
  19. ifubuildit

    SB swing -VS- BB swing

    I have both boys and girls hitting students. I do not teach them any differently. All of them face different pitchers and different distances and have good success. None of them swing down on the ball. Period. I fight this battle one coach at a time where I live. We have college girls down...
  20. ifubuildit

    help with "partial sidearm"

    The absolute first thing you have to fix is her windmill. As I suspected she is breaking the ball out of her glove way too early. Then as she brings the ball up she takes it in front of her face over the top of her head. This is a hard habit to break. Until this is fixed she is going to be very...

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