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  1. Coach-n-Dad

    Bittersweet (caution, shameless bragging inside)

    The title of another thread states "Tomorrow is a sad day". For my family, tomorrow will be a bittersweet day, DD will be playing her very last High School softball game tomorrow at 2 pm. It is the Section Championship game against their arch-rival; quite fitting if you ask me :) There have...
  2. Coach-n-Dad

    Uniform pants dilemma - any help appreciated

    DD's on a new team this summer and the coach ordered Under Armor uniforms. DD is too wide for the pants (XXL). She currently has Victory pants (XL) that fit her like a dream but I can't get them in Grey. Does anyone have a good uniform supplier that can get 3XL pants in grey and navy? If...
  3. Coach-n-Dad

    Another article about recruited athlete

    I told you a couple of months ago about DD signing her NLI for TWU. The local paper finally did an article on her :) Wheatland's May inks with Texas Women's University | texas, things, university - Appeal-Democrat Varsity Sports I think it's an awesome article but DD wished she had some say...
  4. Coach-n-Dad

    DD Committed to Texas Women's Univirsity

    Congratulations to my DD; Randi May, 2013 Pitcher. Yesterday she signed the NLI to Texas Women's University! Thanks to everyone who answered questions I had about the school and the area; Sluggers, GI Tom, Ken Krause, and the rest. We visited this Thursday and had a great time. The School is...
  5. Coach-n-Dad

    Texas Women's University - questions

    Does anyone have any personal information about this school, the softball program and the town it's in (Denton, TX)?
  6. Coach-n-Dad

    Last Year: A parent’s thoughts

    DD is a senior and is just starting her last year of TB before going off to college. I have so many memories… Yesterday we were ½ hour early for DD’s pitching lesson. I was watching the lesson before hers, a kid about 11 or 12 just starting out. She and her Dad probably have no idea what...
  7. Coach-n-Dad

    Cal-Hi Sports All-State Softball

    I had not heard about Cal-Hi Sports until a friend of mine posted a congratulations on FB that DD is a nominee for the Cal-Hi Sports All-State Softball Team. Cal-Hi Sports All-State Softball Nominees What does this mean, how does an athlete get nominated, how is the final team selected...
  8. Coach-n-Dad

    2 scorekeeping questions

    1) Ball is grounded to pitcher who throws to first. Throw goes into the dirt well in front of and directly to first baseman but is not fielded. Batter/Runner would have been out if play was made. Who does error go to, pitcher or first baseman? 2) Hard line drive to right field. Fielder is...
  9. Coach-n-Dad

    First offer

    DD played in her first California showcase of the season and after her last game was approached by a JC coach from Alabama. He asked that Mom and I join the conversation and after a long discussion he offered her a very good package. I gotta tell you; it is AWESOME that there is a back up plan...
  10. Coach-n-Dad

    Favorite photo - 2012

    DD is a pitcher first but she can hit the ball hard! This photo was in our local newspaper after the Section Semi-final game. So far it is my favorite softball photo of her this year. What is YOUR favorite photo this year?
  11. Coach-n-Dad

    I saw my first TRIPLE PLAY!!!

    Last night DD's HS team played their arch rival in conference. For the past 10+ years these 2 teams have butted heads for the conference title and have ALWAYS had very very close games. In the top of the 6th the rival had gotten the bases loaded with 0 outs; batter hits a HARD line drive to...
  12. Coach-n-Dad

    Softball Miles on your car

    I was just estimating how many miles per year I drive for softball. I don't reccomend this activity :confused: I purchased a new car in 2006, the year DD started playing softball and in 2008 I purchased a new truck. Both vehicles had 0 miles on them and now both are within 250 miles of 90,000...
  13. Coach-n-Dad

    Pitching Speed (brag post)

    DD's Pitching Coach had never seen 64 mph on his radar gun... Until yesterday
  14. Coach-n-Dad

    DD Pitching

    This is my DD at practice last week. She is currently working to increase speed. Input is appreciated. Sorry about the crummy video. I am not a video guy so if you need to slow it down or whatever, feel free...
  15. Coach-n-Dad

    How important is SPEED?

    Let’s assume we are talking about a 15 year old sophomore in high school who wants to pitch for a top 50 D1 softball school. She has above average GPA and scored in the top 25 percentile on SAT’s. 1) How important is speed? 2) What do you consider the minimum speed this kid should throw? 3)...
  16. Coach-n-Dad

    Tryouts with no intentions

    Is it fair to a team/coach if a player goes to a tryout with no intention of joining that team? 16U TB/Elite Player is committed to another organization and has been offered position on one of 2 teams that she will accept. She wants to go to other tryouts to get the opinions of other coaches...
  17. Coach-n-Dad

    Choosing college, the beginning

    DD is a sophomore and has no clue what she wants to be when she grows up. She and I will be sitting down this weekend and choosing the schools she wants to contact based on basic requirements set by her. What would be good "requirements"? Example: 1) DI or DII 2) meduim sized school 3)...
  18. Coach-n-Dad

    Situation opinions please

    16U ASA single elimination Sunday, first game of the day. Bottom of the 7th inning, we are home, down by 2 runs with 1 out and bases loaded. #2 in lineup is up to bat and has not struck out all weekend, walking twice, 2 singles and a double. Is there ANY reason for the coach to call a...
  19. Coach-n-Dad

    Proud Dad

    For the first time in four years DD's HS coach allowed a freshman on the varsity squad. DD is a pitcher and 1st baseman. She has started all but two games this season and has finished all games started. She and a senior pitcher are sharing circle time, each with equal innings. Until last...
  20. Coach-n-Dad

    Subtalar Dislocation of the ankle

    Has anyone or their athlete had this type of injury? I know what it is and I know that it is a pretty rare injury. Any type of information about recovery time, physical therapy, etc... would be appreciated.

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