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    Quest for More Speed....

    Thank you for your service and welcome home! My guess is your daughter will pick up a few mph's just having you safe and at home. Here's what I did when my dd hit a speed rut. First, I studied the mechanics of smaller women who threw very hard. Ueno from Japan comes to mind. I downloaded her...
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    velocity vs. mechanics

    Mark H. referred to a study related to tennis. I also remember the article. To paraphrase...essentially they looked at two groups of young, beginner tennis players. Group 1 was let loose to hit the ball as hard as they could and group 2 was drilled in proper mechanics with NO emphasis on hitting...
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    Thanks to all

    That's a tremendous improvement! She's smooth and compact. Very nice job! Keith
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    Does the riseball really rise???

    2, You don't see any difference between a ball breaking WITH gravity and one breaking AGAINST gravity???? Keith
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    jennie finch analysis and question

    First, if you are graduating HS in 2012, you are a very impressive young lady! The fact that you can evaluate video and thoughtfully discuss pitching mechanics places you in elite company. There is no doubt that Jennie has great mechanics BUT...much of her success is directly related to the...
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    Weighted Balls?

    We use the weighted balls (over and under) the way Sluggers mentioned. Basically the SLINGSHOT motion into a net with radar feedback. She warms up COMPLETELY! Then we get in the open position and she throws the heavy ball using the slingshot motion 10 reps. Then we move to the light ball for 10...
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    Faith in your pitching coach

    (sarcastic) I assume you have eyes. If so, bring a gatorade down to a local tournament and watch a few 12U games. Then...compare what you see to what your DD is like. Seems pretty simple to me. Keith
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    Does the riseball really rise???

    Slider, IF we are just discussing how spin assists in a ball breaking, than the smoother the ball the less the break. The ball breaks because of the differential in air pressure on opposite side of the ball. There are several ways to increase this resistance or pressure differential. If we keep...
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    Does the riseball really rise???

    Hi Rick, I concede that your practical experience trumps my theoretical experience! My thinking was...a smooth ball wouldn't break at all based on spin. The only reason spin causes break IS because the ball has seams. Keith
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    strongest position on 12u

    On my DD's 12U team. our catcher is the best athlete! This girl is quick, agile, strong, fast, smart and intimidating! She blocks the plate as well as any catcher can. If you slide on her you are most likely going to get up asking "did someone get the # of that truck". She also has a hose for an...
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    Does the riseball really rise???

    Bill, If your riseball is as deceptive as your argument...then MAYBE it does hop! LOL Keith
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    Does the riseball really rise???

    Armwhip, Great post!
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    Does the riseball really rise???

    Bill, No one in their right mind would argue with a word you wrote. The disagreement comes from the whackos who INSIST that the riseball 'jumps' or 'hops' as it gets close to the plate! Rick, I would put the factors in this order: 1) Release angle (no spin or speed can overcome a poor...
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    Does the riseball really rise???

    Yes! That would be more accurate.
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    Arm Whip Drills

    Lots of Slingshot!;)
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    So, who would you go with?

    US had better worry about how to hit Ueno! The pitching will take care of itself.
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    Does the riseball really rise???

    Buster, LOL! It will NEVER happen.
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    Does the riseball really rise???

    Science changes it's mind EVERY day. But the Laws of Physics remain pretty stable. We may refine our understanding of these laws. We may find new applications for these laws. But they don't really change!
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    Fall Training Ideas

    My 12 YO DD plays volleyball in the fall and winter. It's great for explosiveness, agressiveness and reactions. Just be careful...volleyball can become addictive! Keith
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    How many walks in 12U ?

    Agree completely!

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