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  1. Jdaddy

    Stole One Today!

    Been looking for a backup Vinci mitt for DD. Got lucky and stole a new on on eBay. If the seller is here, just know it went to a good home and will be used. DD leaves for college tomorrow. Every dollar I can save helps! Thank you!
  2. Jdaddy

    LTB a used 33” Vinci catchers mitt.

    DD needs a backup/practice mitt. Her last one shredded at the bottom pocket lacing. Must be a Vinci 33” and in good shape. Model/color not a deal breaker. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  3. Jdaddy

    Nationally Ranked

    DD’s HS team (Powell) is ranked 26 in the nation by Extra Innings Softball. Not sure how they come up with these rankings, but still pretty cool! Here is link to article. https://extrainningsoftball.com/this-weeks-extra-elite-80-high-school-rankings-april-10-2019/
  4. Jdaddy

    Proud dad moment!

    Couldn’t be more proud of my DD today! Top five in her senior class with a 4.4 GPA!
  5. Jdaddy

    Calling al the Alabama HS officianados!

    We are a little over three weeks away from our annual trip to the Gulf Coast Classic. Just got our schedules and need the scouting report for our opponents and some of the teams I expect to go deep in the tournament and some I don’t know. I’ll group by our pool play and then the other big names...
  6. Jdaddy

    Horrible day for DD’s softball field!

    Powell High School (TN) softball field is experiencing its worst flooding since 1993. it was built in 1992. Almost 4ft of water covering the entire field. We’ve already lost part of our 2 year old left field fence. The 8ft outfield fence was installed this winter. Hoping it holds up. I’m sure...
  7. Jdaddy

    Anybody ever had to glue a glove?

    When I grabbed what I thought was DD’s back up mitt for a pic the other day I discovered it was her gamer. So, I got her back up out and noticed it is in much better shape than her current glove! The only problem with the back up is the stitching has broken on the thumb stall and I want to fix...
  8. Jdaddy

    The first of the “Lasts”

    While I was sitting here this morning talking to DD’s HS AC, I joked I’m glad we aren’t at the Scenic City in 35 degree weather this morning. Right then it hit me, My DD will never play another fall travel tournament, it’s over. So, if you’re freezing your butt off somewhere this morning, be...
  9. Jdaddy

    DDs journey will continue!

    After all the camps, clinics and visits, I finally saw Kenzie fall in love with “her” school this week. From the campus to coaches, players, class sizes, even the cafeteria! Everyone says you will know when you find your school and I saw it all over Kenzie’s face from the time we arrived that...
  10. Jdaddy

    Finally Got The Bling !

    Four months after winning the TN AAA State Tournament, the girls received their rings and were recognized at halftime during last Friday’s Honecoming football game. A little different than most I’ve seen. Her school colors are black and orange. Coaches surprised them engraving the inside of the...
  11. Jdaddy

    Tn class aaa state champions!

    After finishing second last year, DD’s HS team wins it all! A great group of girls that had one goal this year and accomplished it! They were 42-8 on the season. BTW, if you saw ESPN’s top ten yesterday, the #1 play was made against us which basically forced the “if” game which we won 2-1.
  12. Jdaddy


    After two years of banging the fence for doubles, DD finally got her first HS HR! She didn’t know it was gone until she rounded second and Coach was telling her to slow down, lol! It was even sweeter that it come off the team that beat us in the state championship last year. She was one of...
  13. Jdaddy

    Nationally Ranked!

    DD’s HS team has been nationally ranked for the past two weeks in the USA Today poll. I will say it was fun while it lasted, lol! We dropped a non-district game Friday to a good local team. Our two freshman pitchers got some valuable experience in this game which is more important in the long...
  14. Jdaddy

    Gulf Coast Classic Champions!

    Powell High School (TN) got our season off to a great start winning The Gulf Coast Classic in Gulf Shores, AL this week! We went 3-1 in pool play and 4-0 in bracket, beating a very talented Bob Jones High School (AL) in the championship game. DD went 2-2 with an RBI double and was 1-1 caught...
  15. Jdaddy

    A little pre season publicity for DD’s HS team.

    Always nice when the local paper gives a little love to softball. We have a couple of stud freshmen being added to the mix that weren’t mentioned as well. Expecting big things from this group this year...
  16. Jdaddy


    Second year in a row we’ve had this kind of flooding! Tomorrow is first official day of practice. Forecast is more rain for the next 6 of 8 days! DD is not happy! Softball field in foreground and baseball to the right.
  17. Jdaddy

    Gulf Shores HS Tournamnet Week 1

    Anybody else going to be at Gulf Shores Week 1, March 12-15? Got our schedule today and getting fired up! Playing James Clemens Madison, AL; Lafayette ?; Robert E Lee Montgomery, AL; Southaven Southaven, MS. Anybody play these schools?
  18. Jdaddy

    Kenzie’s 2017 HS Highlights

    The snow is slowly melting and I’m jonesing for some softball! Downloaded iMovie and I am amazed how easy it is to use. Put this together today with the HS games I had on video in a few hours. Just 24 days til practice and 43 days til the first preseason tourney! https://youtu.be/g4MOZxU5evE
  19. Jdaddy

    Cool IOS 11 feature

    Just found out you can one touch record clips from periscope and other video sources with IOS 11. Go to settings, then control center, then customize controls and activate screen recording. I’m sure the techies knew this but I thought it was pretty cool. Very easy to extract highlights from game...
  20. Jdaddy

    Proud day for DW and I!

    DD banged out a 29 on her first attempt at the ACT! She is still carrying a 4.5 GPA through midterm of her junior year. Typical DD response; I'll take it again in February, I think I can get a 32. :) I wish she would take a minute and enjoy what she has accomplished. What a great Christmas...

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