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    New batting helmet- anything new to consider in the last 6 months or so?

    Bought a Demarini from amazon. It’s been good. It’s a strange color of grey and was priced cheap. Amazon has deals if you are open minded .
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    Too Many Teams

    The money isn’t in having one good team. The money is in having a lot of teams.
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    Select players playing rec ball – does your league ban it?

    No rules against travel kids playing rec here.
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    DD likes the cheap UA at dicks. Boys black and white . Tried to get her new balance she said no way. 2 pairs of UA a season is what we do. She has a hole right now...
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    Bucket dad mask

    Catching probably isn't a great idea for me any more but I'll tough it out. I've taken a bad one to the shin and also seem to have a permanent dark purple toe nail now. I can deal with a lot but I'm not ok with one to the face. About eye level up I'm about completely blind for some reason and in...
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    Bucket dad mask

    Im having a hard time seeing balls when catching Dd inside. I'm looking on Amazon at masks. What's best a fielding mask or a catchers mask like the ump wears? I'm trying to stay pretty cheap. Maybe $40 or less?
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    Needing more accuracy.....

    I would spend more time on side throws and A lot less time on full pitches. You'll both be happier. My Dd is 12 now. We've seen a few pitching coaches. We have a Tincher coach I like,Practice is much more enjoyable for us.
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    What is the goal of HS varsity softball?

    HS ball should be geared to win however I’m not a fan of freshman playing varsity. We have a small school and it’s very political. Coaches from travel are slowly entering the picture(parents). The dugout is going to be real full over the next few years.(if they can wiggle in!)
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    Travel Ball is Killing Rec Ball

    I'd say in the grand scheme of things I'd rather see rec survive. That's where games are mostly played around here. I blame Rec and travel organizations for the problem but of course parents are the root cause.
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    Switching to IR now or wait until after the season?

    I seen a 13yr switch this year.She had a hard nose HE coach her parents insisted was the best pitching coach around. She was very inconsistent last year. The parents wouldn't listen to anybody. I guess the HE coach was well known around their area. Finally the high school coach talked some...
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    Attitude problems

    You can still sit them right beside you during batting! They don't like it ,lol.
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    Attitude problems

    My wife was assistant of a rec team of 10u last year. She told the sassy girls any problems and they would sit the bench right beside her. Funny ,towards the end of the season she had two of the sassy girls right beside her at all times ready to go to any positions she told them. The head coach...
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    Adding a few players

    Totally understand k power. But it's so bad. Coaches Dd looked ok. Probably 3 or 4 were alright. Another thing I didn't understand is he had a guest 16u coach run the practice. He talked to me and the 12u coach and said. He can only use 5 kids from the same school on a team. He said he looks...
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    Adding a few players

    I was going to go off on a rant and decide to ask you coaches a question. Have any of you turned away better talent to maintain and develop the kids you have? This situation envoles a team that won 1 game during winter season. Made up of small town kids. Several girls moved up, I took Dd over...
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    High School Softball facilities coming along nicely!

    Nice! I like the divider in the bullpen lanes. Cages and field look top notch!
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    Rawlings HoH R2G

    How’s the glove fit? I’m guessing it’s 11 1/2 ?
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    Denial of team tryout

    Coaches have a hard time cutting. The coach more than likely has kids that have been dedicated going in off season and what not. I was at a open gym the last day before tryouts. All these girls flooded in. Where they been? Coach just smiled and said this always makes it hard. Not as talanted...
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    How many A level teams?

    Not many A around here. The mix of B and C level are pretty messed up from what I’ve seen lately around here.
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    please evaluate looking to step up her game

    Hpw fast is she throwing ?

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